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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hollywood's War on American Soldiers

Many observers were surprised to see American Sniper nominated for Best Picture this year. It would have been a real surprise if it had won.

In the golden age of Hollywood, it was common to see the American soldier portrayed as the hero. However, since the 1960's the Hollywood establishment has for the most part made movies critical of American soldiers and the military. Liberal darling Michael Moore thinks nothing of calling Kris Kyle, the hero of American Sniper, a coward and Hollywood keeps cranking out Anti-American stinkers beloved by insiders that get little notice by the public.

Uncovered: The War on Iraq (2004) - How Bush fabricated the reason to go to war in Iraq.

Battle for Hadithia (2007) - US Marines kill unarmed Iraqi civilians.

In the Valley of Elah (2007) - Soldiers deal with drug use and PTSD.

Lions for Lambs (2007) - Incompetent leaders send American soldiers to their deaths.

Redacted (2007) - American soldiers rape an Iraqi girl.

Standard Operating Procedure (2008) - American soldiers torture and abuse Iraqi prisoners.

Non-Stop (2014) - The bad guy who wants to blow up a plane is ex-military, not an Islamic terrorist that would be more believable.

All of these movies were box office disappointments. Meanwhile, in the few occasions where Hollywood makes American soldiers to be the heroes (American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty) they make money, more than jaded Hollywood types would expect. So why don't we see more movies like this?

Hollywood elites to their core are anti-military. Too many of them think the American military is a problem and not a defender of American interests and values.

After the slew of anti-American movies that came out in 2007, I decided to blow some steam by writing a screenplay (Jihad on Hollywood) about the elite of Hollywood being captured and executed by Islamic terrorists. There are only a few hundred movies made each year and most of these are low budget independents that are seen by few. I knew it was a long shot that such a screenplay, highly critical of an anti-military Hollywood that is often sympathetic to Muslim radicals, could find a producer to make it into a film. The spec screenplay feedback was positive, but it was making fun of the very people who would decide to make it into a movie. This is not a good strategy for getting a screenplay from a new writer optioned into a movie.

The screenplay has since found an audience from readers who can recreate the movie in their mind. I have made it available for free (Apple iTunes / iBooks) or as close to free as allowed (Kindle) so more people can enjoy a fun, adventurous, action picture where Hollywood gets it comeuppance.  The screenplay will be converted to a novel format and released later this year. I am also hopeful to eventually see it issued as a graphic novel.

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