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Friday, February 27, 2015

Net Neutrality: The Next Obamacare?

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to adopt Net Neutrality rules which will increase governmental regulations and interference with internet usage.

Those who champion this are poor students of history.

For decades the phone company was one entity and highly regulated. It was broken up in the 1980's and phone service became cheaper and better. Anyone think the cell phone industry would have thrived if Ma Bell was still the sole phone provider under heavy government regulations?

The same thing happened with airlines. Up until when airlines were deregulated in the late 1970's, air travel was expensive and limited to the well-to-do. After deregulation, prices came down and air travel become more affordable and available to more people.

We all know how successful (NOT) government has been with Obamacare. Areas of the economy like health care and higher education that have to deal with government interference tend to be more expensive and less responsive to free market forces. Looks like the internet may soon suffer the same problem.

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