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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Will New Oregon Governor Become a Polygamist?

Oregon's Governor Kitzhaber resigned earlier this month under a cloud of corruption. He was replaced by Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown. For some reason the media finds it important to report that Governor Brown is the first openly bisexual governor in United States history.

The LGBT community is eagerly awaiting the day later this year when the Supreme Court will likely declare same sex marriage to be legal. What they are less eager to support is marriage equality for bisexuals. By definition, someone who is bisexual is attracted to both men and women. In the spirit of allowing people to marry who they love, why shouldn't a bisexual such as Governor Brown be allowed to marry a man and a woman? Governor Brown is currently married to a man, but if her husband is okay with the relationship, why shouldn't they be allowed to marry a woman? Wouldn't it be wrong to deny such happiness to a bisexual?

Of course, you don't find the LGBT community demanding the legal right of bisexual marriage with three or more people. Doesn't this go against their prime value of diversity? They should be all for this, right?

Being excellent at the public relations game, they suppress championing polygamy, knowing it will cost them support from the general public. Same sex marriage has never been about being able to marry who you love. The goal has been to normalize LGBT behavior. If gays can get legally married, than their gay lifestyle choices should be acceptable by everyone. Gay men will marry at a rate far lower than their hetero counterparts.

Children do best when raised by their married parents. Having a mother and a father has been shown in study after study to be the optimal environment to raise children. When the LGBT community hijacks the meaning of marriage, it is a selfish, anti-children action. They could get all the legal rights needed by advocating for civil unions, but that would not result in forcing their values on others that support traditional marriage.

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