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Thursday, April 23, 2015

TIME Magazine Disses Dave Ramsey

The current issue of TIME Magazine profiles it's 100 most influential people in the world. You would expect to see people like Barack Obama and Pope Francis. You should also expect to see someone like Dave Ramsey, the best know personal finance expert in the country.

Once again Ramsey has been left off the list.

This is not because TIME does not consider the area of personal finance to be important. Suzie Orman made the TIME list of most influential people a few years back.

In fact, this year's list includes "Financial Whiz" Mellody Hobson, cited for "deep commitment to improving financial literacy among moderate and low-income Americans."

Mellody who?


TIME negligently fails to recognize that Ramsey is far more influential than Hobson.

For example:

Google Dave Ramsey and you get nearly 18 million results. Google Mellody Hobson and you get 237,000 results. Ramsey gets 75 times as many results.

The website has a Alexa US traffic rank of 2,538. Mellody Hobson has no Alexa traffic rating.

Five of the top 12 Budgeting and Money Management books on Amazon are written by Dave Ramsey. Mellody Hobson has 0 books on Amazon.

Only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have more radio listeners than Dave Ramsey. Mellody Hobson has no channel to "influentially" impact millions of Americans about financial literacy.

Mellody Hobson does have two qualifications that TIME likes: She is a woman and she is black.

Dave Ramsey is not going to lose any sleep because once again TIME has pretended he does not exist. However, it should be an embarrassment to TIME Magazine to so blatantly exclude from their list the most influential personal finance expert in modern America. TIME tries to position itself as a neutral news source, but when things like this happen, it reveals it true east coast liberal establishment core point of view.

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  1. It looks like Time has ignored Dave again for 2016. A terrible and irresponsible oversight.

  2. It looks like Time has ignored Dave again for 2016. A terrible and irresponsible oversight.