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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Challenging Evolution With Science

Ninety years ago today, biology teacher John Scopes was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in violation of Tennessee state law. Scopes is one of the patron saints of secular humanists who believe faithfully in evolution. In ninety years evolution has become the accepted science taught in schools. If a teacher were to teach intelligent design today no doubt he or she would be fired or arrested. Challenging evolution is blasphemy.

Back in 2006 a legislator here in conservative Utah proposed a bill that would let schools teach intelligent design. The state school board reaction was to derail this bill at all costs. The bill never was passed, and it opened my eyes to the firm control secular humanists have over the school system in the United States. 

Not long after this happened, I happened to watch the classic Spencer Tracy movie, "Inherit the Wind," the courtroom drama based on the Scopes Monkey Trial where a teacher was prosecuted for teaching evolution to students in the 1920s. I thought, the world has turned 180 degrees. In the 21st Century a teacher could get in trouble for teaching intelligent design. I realized you could redo the original play section by section with basically the same characters and tell a challenging and compelling story of intelligent design on trial. 

It sounded like a fun project, so that is what I did. I wrote a new play called "Inherit the Wind: Overturned by Design" (see link at upper right). This time, instead of basing the over-the-hill politician turned prosecutor on William Jennings Bryant, he looks a lot like Al Gore. Instead of Clarence Darrow, the feisty defense attorney is based on Ann Coulter. It's conservatives debating liberals, intelligent design vs evolution. It shares the message that intelligent design should be taken seriously, and not dismissed without any debate. My goal is to see this play help advance the intelligent design argument.

In the years since I published this play, the reaction has been, as expected, highly favorable, or disparaging. Conservatives open-mindedly appreciate a scientific based argument for a designer of the universe. Evolutionists want to dismiss intelligent design and ignore the evidence.

The play is available for Nook, IBook on ITunes, or Amazon.

Contact me if you are interested in performing the play. It is much more topical for the 21st century than the original play which is still regularly produced.

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