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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Join A Read Like Ben Carson Summer

Many people are excited that a man of great character like Ben Carson is running for president. People that know Doctor Carson can easily observe that we elected the wrong first black president.

Carson's American success story is all the more amazing when you learn that he was raised by an illiterate single mom in poverty. From such humble beginnings he became the first doctor able to separate twin babies joined at the head.  He also made news when he successfully removed half the brain of a young patient who was debilitated by epilepsy.

Carson credits the beginning of the road to his success with an plan his mother put into place while he was attending elementary school in Detroit. Carson noticed that he always did worse than any of the other students in his classes. He was the class dummy. One day his mom told her two boys that they were no longer going to watch TV all day after school. Apart from one or two shows per week, the TV was going to be turned off. Instead, the Carson boys were required to read two books per week and submit a written book report to their mother.

The reading plan worked. Ben Carson went from being the dumbest kid in school to one of the best. He was able to attend Yale University and become one of the most accomplished surgeons in the world.

This summer, for the second year, I have challenged my kids to read like Ben Carson.  They will each be reading two books a week and giving me book reports. They may not become world famous brain surgeons, but by September they will have completed a journey of adventure, growth, learning, and accomplishment.

I encourage all parents and grandparents to challenge their own children and grandchildren to read like Ben Carson this summer. The results should be amazing.

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