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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Here is How Trump is Hillary's Secret Stooge . . .

Why would a regular Democrat contributor with a record of making leftist comments run as a Republican targeting the anti-establishment voters?

That is exactly what Donald Trump has done.

Here is a scenario that could pave the way for Hillary to take the White House.

1. Trump continues to focus on the anti-establishment voters.
2. Trump finishes high in the first few primaries, but as other candidates drop out, their supporters don't turn to Trump who has the highest negatives.
3. Trump sees he can't win the Republican nomination so he drops out.
4. Trump announces that he can't back a Republican party that has ignored his supporters so he decides to run as an independent.
5. In the general election Trump takes away votes that would never have gone to Hillary, but would be needed by Republicans to win the election.
6. Hillary wins.
7. After Hillary is in power, the federal government grants Trump some special consideration that benefits his business.
8. Trump is richer and more famous than ever - his true goal achieved.

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