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Monday, July 20, 2015

Time to Overturn 90 Years of Evolutionary Errors

July 21 is the 90th anniversary of the verdict of the Scopes monkey trial. It was referred to at the time as the trial of the century. Although high school teacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching human evolution, many felt he won in the court of public opinion.

An argument can be made that the Scopes trial is the 'genesis' of the evolutionist control of science as taught in schools. It took until the 1960's for the courts to clear the way for evolution to replace creationism, but in our modern day, evolution is firmly entrenched in American schools and taught as fact instead of theory.

Any scientific challenges that would tear down belief in evolution are blocked with swiftness, often accompanied by venom and spite. In the eyes of those in control of government schools, evolution cannot be questioned or attacked.

The distinguished Chinese scientist J. Y. Chen has made this insightful observation: "In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government. In America, you can criticize the government, but not Darwin."

Many thinking scientists are unconvinced that random mutation can explain the evolution of life and especially the creation of entirely new species. Yet scientists who question the viability of Darwinian evolution are marginalized and scorned. Intelligent design is wrongly labeled as creationism in sheep's clothing.

The infallible, unquestioned dominance of evolution in our schools is clearly reminiscent of the creationist position a century ago. There is only one true position. No debate allow.

Is there any question that if a teacher were to introduce arguments of intelligent design to his/her students that he or she would get in trouble?

To advance the argument that evolution deserves to be challenged, I wrote the play Inherit the Wind: Overturned by Design.(see link at upper right). This time, instead of basing the over-the-hill politician turned prosecutor on William Jennings Bryant, he looks a lot like Al Gore. Instead of Clarence Darrow, the feisty defense attorney is based on Ann Coulter. It's conservatives debating liberals, intelligent design vs evolution. It shares the message that intelligent design should be taken seriously, and not dismissed without any debate. My goal is to see this play help advance the intelligent design argument.

The play is available for Nook, IBook on ITunes, or Amazon.

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