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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sorry Trey, Hillary's Taking Us For A Ride

The Benghazi hearing is not going to find any damaging emails on Hillary.

They are looking for the wrong emails.

They need to focus on the deleted emails, but instead Hillary is distracting them with the emails she kept.

"These are not the emails you're looking for." Hillary is pulling a Jedi mind trick on the gullible, confederate main stream media. While they do stories that Hillary can spin in her favor, the dangerous emails are ignored because they have been destroyed.

Astoundingly, Hillary Clinton, who as the top diplomat of our nations, was given access to the highest level of classified documents and was allowed to control the content of her communications by have her own computer server. She shamelessly announced that she deleted 30,000 "personal emails".

That might be excusable if not for the numerous examples of foreign entities paying big money to the Clinton Foundation and more big money for Bill Clinton speeches while at the same time getting "coincidental" State Department approval for actions that benefit these foreign entities.

Now with the past Clinton reputation for skirting the laws, we should be highly suspicious that the deleted emails contain incriminating evidence that Hillary was breaking the law to fill the Clinton coffers with lucre.

Hillary learned a lesson from the mistake of the politician she most closely resembles -- Richard Nixon. Nixon did not destroy the tapes that proved to be his downfall.

We can criticize Hillary for countless things, but being stupid is not one of them. She's smart enough to try and destroy any incriminating emails. Whether that holds up, we will have to wait and see.

Don't hold your breath. Bryan Pagliano, the State Department employee who set up Hillary's server, has announced that he will plead the Fifth Amendment.

Following another Nixon strategy, Hillary's working on a cover-up.

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