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Monday, September 28, 2015

Pro-Choice: Choose Adoption

The recent troubling videos profiling the questionable abortion practices of Planned Parenthood also reveals how the Left's "pro-choice" message is a misnomer. The don't want the choice that is best for the baby, they want to promote death or poverty.

The Left wins when a woman has an abortion. Their core supporters want less humans on this planet and they also want the freedom to engage in transactional relationships without resulting in a baby.

The Left also wins when they have a single mom keep a child and raise it with the help of the state, guaranteeing one generation or more of Democrat voters.

The Left losses when a baby is adopted to a married husband and wife. Married people are more likely to be conservative. A child raised by married parents is less likely to need government assistance, less likely to get in trouble with the law, less likely to do poorly in school, less likely to do drugs, and less likely to vote Democrat.

Of every 100 single women having a baby, only 1-2 choose the adoption route. Back in the 1970s and earlier, the adoption rate was ten times higher. Meanwhile for every 4 children who are born, at least 1 is aborted. There are 30-40 couples in line for every baby available for adoption.

America would be a better place if women's clinics like Planned Parenthood promoted adoption as the preferred outcome so children could be raised by a husband and wife who actually planned parenthood. How is this not better than promoting termination of pregnancies so baby parts could be sold, or for a single mom, with no support from the child's father, to raise a child in poverty?

As a adoptive parent myself, who knows the birth-mom, I know that adoption is the best outcome for the new parents, the single woman (who was, to quote Barack Obama, "punished with a baby"), and, most of all, for the child.

Be Pro-Choice and Choose Adoption.

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