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Thursday, October 15, 2015

#demdebate Hillary's Opponents Don't Want To Win

From the way Hillary Clinton's opponents performed at the CNN debate, it is clear that none of them really want to win the Democrat nomination for president.

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, tainted by one scandal after another, with a resume bereft of accomplishment, and a reputation for flip-flopping, lying, pandering, and influence peddling. Her campaign have generated little enthusiasm and her negatives have only increased the more she campaigns. She can't stand on her record, character, or qualifications. Despite her numerous vulnerabilities, none of the other Democrat candidates were interested in sending her packing.

Why such a weak performance? What are these guys really running for if not for president?

  1. Bernie Sanders sole objective is to pull Hillary to the far left. If he really wanted to win, he would not have dismissed Hillary's email problems. The Bern would love to be Hillary's Secretary of the Treasury where he could really sock it to the one-percenters.
  2. Martin O'Malley wants to be Vice President
  3. Jim Webb wants to be Secretary of Defense. 
  4. Lincoln Chafee wants to be Secretary of Metric System.
The Dems are all in for Hillary. If Republicans can't beat such an incompetent candidate, the damages inflicted by Obama on our country will get even worse.

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