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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Is Carson the Next Huckabee/Santorum?

In the latest polls Ben Carson is on top, especially in Iowa. He is the clear choice of the value voters of which I am one.

Unfortunately, the choice of the value voters have not done well lately. In 2008 dark horse, shoestring candidate Mike Huckabee handily beat John McCain in the Iowa Caucus, but still lost the nomination to McCain. In 2012 dark horse, shoestring candidate Rick Santorum beat Mitt Romney in the Iowas Caucus, but still lost the nomination to Romney.

What is with the value voter candidates who can start the race fast, but not maintain the lead? Does Carson have something that Huckabee and Santorum lacked?

I say yes.

Huckabee was by far the best debater in 2008. That is how he rose to prominence from way back in the pack. What he did not have was money. After McCain recovered in liberal New Hampshire, Huckabee did not have the money to compete in the states where ad dollars made the difference.

Carson will not have this problem. He has been much more effective in raising money. In the third quarter he raised more money than any other candidate and only Ted Cruz has more cash on hand.

In 2012 Santorum not only had a money problem, he had a resume problem. He was trounced in his final race for Senate. People want to back a winner and losing a reelection by a landslide in your own state tells a story that is hard to gloss over.

Carson has never held office and in the current environment that is a good thing. People want a leader who will not play the political games of professional politicians. That is why the value voters are backing Carson and why this time around Huckabee and Santorum, despite having experience and past success, are going nowhere.

Some Tea Party types, of which I am one, don't think Carson is as conservative as Ted Cruz. That may be true, but if Hillary Clinton could pick a candidate to run against it would be Senator Cruz. She thinks she could paint him as the 21st century Barry Goldwater. She would hate to run against Ben Carson. The contrast of Clinton's sleaze against Carson's character would be obvious to all undecided voters. Carson is living proof that falling for the Democrat created welfare system is not the way to get out of poverty.

The mainstream media is trying to trip up Dr. Carson. They think some of the things he has said are not presidential, such as his comments about not being able to support a Muslim for president. They are not mainstream presidential. If you want that, you want Obama and Clinton.

I am hoping that Carson will win decisively in Iowa and finish respectfully in New Hampshire. I think he could win South Carolina and finish near the top in Florida. If he also wins in Nevada, he could make a good run through the Southern states. Carson has an excellent chance of earning the Republican nomination.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer.

America deserves a mulligan on its election of the first black president. Technically, Barack Obama was only half black. Ben Carson can still be the first real black president of the United States.

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