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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The 3 Reasons McCarthy is Out

Majority Leader McCarthy surprised everyone by dropping out of consideration for Speaker of the House.

I see three reasons why this happened.

  1. There were 40+ conservative who would not give McCarthy the votes he needed to get the 218 majority.
  2. McCarthy has proven to be tongue tied in numerous statements. In our modern age of soundbites, you can't have a political leader who lives with his foot in his mouth.
  3. Rumors of infidelity raised a concern by North Carolina representative Walter Jones to demand candidates be vetted for anything embarrassing. When Next Gingrich resigned, his handpicked successor Bob Livingston had to withdraw because he was going to outed for adultery. Too the dismay of some Republicans, there is still a significant segment of conservatives who expect their leaders to set an example in their private lives.
Finding a new Speaker should not be that hard. The current system is broken and the status quo leadership has been ineffective. 

In the 1930's the conservatives in England had poor leadership. Only when the party shook things up and put Winston Churchill in charge did they finally get things done.

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