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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Match the candidate with their Disney doppelganger

Updated 9/29/29

Which Disney character best matches our three main choices for president?

Trump just can't stay on message. Just like Doug the Dog from the movie, Up, Trump is easily distracted by squirrel moments where he goes off on some tangent that distracts from the important messages that should be making news. The latest spat with the former Miss Universe is just the latest example.

With two unlikable candidates like Trump and Clinton, the Libertarian Party blew it by nominating a goofy, pot smoking candidate like Gary Johnson. The rule is that only Donald Trump can say stupid things without hurting his base of supporters.

Hyenas by nature are scavengers who live of the work of others. This is a good fit for Hillary and her record of getting money from rich people by selling access to government.

Which Muppet matches up best with each of the candidates running for president?

 Both Jeb! and Fozzie try to be funny, but with limited success.

 Both Animal and Trump speak short sound bites and have a thing for the ladies.

Beaker and Paul have the hair and speak a different language than others. Beaker speaks who-knows-what. Paul speaks libertarian.

 Christie and Snufalupogus both have weight issues and are invisible to many people.

 Dr. Teeth and Dr. Carson both have beards and an appealing smile.

 Gonzo and Cruz are both daredevils willing to try stunts others won't touch.

 Oscar and Sanders are both grumps complaining about their situtation.

Rubio and Kermit are both young looking and green compared to the others.

Bert and Santorum both like sweaters.

Rizzo and Jindal are both clever, smart, and witty, but also rarely noticed.

 Telly and Fiorina both make their marks when given time on TV.

Sam Eagle and Huckabee are both patriotic, stern and good at scowling.

Miss Piggy and Clinton are both full of themselves.

Did I get these right?

What about Kasich? Is there a Muppet match for him?

. . . As suggested below:

Which Muppet would you match to which candidate?

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  1. I see Kasich as Scooter. Willing to do anything to compromise and avoid confrontation.