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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Historian benchmarks predict Obama to be Worst President Ever

Updated 2/15/2016 - President's Day

Boston University history professor Robert Dallek has specialized in studying the presidents of the United States. In his studies he has surmised that there are five qualities that result in successful presidents:
  • Vision
  • Pragmatism
  • Consensus building
  • Charisma
  • Trustworthiness
Even an impartial look of Barack Obama's presidency clearly shows that he has failed at four of these five qualities.

We need to acknowledge that Obama has charisma. How else can you exclaim the surprising number of people who have fainted in his presence? It almost isn't an Obama event if someone in the audience doesn't pass out.

As far as the other qualities go, there is no question that he has failed miserably.

Vision. Obama was hoping to lead the country into a era of growing Democratic majorities. The country has overwhelming rejected his vision. Over 900 state level incumbents have lost office to Republicans since Obama became president. 12 governorships have switched from Democrat to Republican. Both the house and senate, which were firmly in Democrat hands in 2008, have flipped to Republican control.  

There has never been a Democrat president who has left his party in worse shape while president than Barack Obama.

Pragmatism. Dallek noticed that successful presidents focused on the possible and not on radical ideology. When Bill Clinton was in a similar situation and lost control of congress, he tacked to the center and got results that the Republicans could support such as welfare reform and balancing the budget. Obama did not have the character to take such steps -- and it is something to have less character than Bill Clinton. The worst example of Obama's failed pragmatism was his decision to pull American troops out of Iraq in 2011. All his military advisers and cabinet officers (even Hillary Clinton) advocated leaving troops behind. Leaving troops like we did in Germany, Japan, Korea and Bosnia would have made his left wing supporters upset, but everyone else saw the wisdom of American troops keeping the peace. Obama rejected this wise advice, pulled out American troops and let ISIS fill the power vacuum. 

No other person is more responsible for the creation of ISIS than Barack Hussein Obama.

Consensus Building. From the start with his $900 billion stimulus package and his vastly unpopular and unmanageable Obamacare law, Obama proved incapable of solutions that could get bipartisan support. Whether bypassing the Senate in the Iran deal, waging a war on the American coal industry, pushing his global warming agenda down our throats, rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, or turning the White House into a rainbow colored ad for gay lifestyles, Obama seems incapable of actions that were acceptable to anyone but his far left supporters.

Future thesauruses will show Obama as an antonym to consensus building.

Trustworthiness. When Bartlett's adds Obama to it's quote book, the most famous phrase will be "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Obama is a consistent weasel. If it wasn't for the mainstream media giving him a pass on his many scandals, he would never have been reelected in 2012. Besides selling us a bill of goods with Obamacare, Obama has mislead the nation regarding "Fast and Furious," the terrible management of the VA department, IRS targeting of conservatives, the Benghazi "video" cover up, and multiple examples of spying on reporters.

The only reason that Obama is not viewed as less trustworthy than he is, is because Hillary looks even worse.

Let's see, if you fail in 4 of 5 categories, that is only 20% which in anyone's book is a clear "F."

Jimmy Carter used to be the consensus worst president ever. Yet even he was able to broker peace between Egypt and Israel and he began to rebuild our military after earlier neglect in his presidency.

Without doubt the biggest failure of Obama's presidency was the complete failure to reign in government spending. After making a big deal to authorize his Simpson Bowles commission, he totally ignored their recommendations and took no actions to lead this country towards fiscal responsibility. As a left wing big government proponent, Obama was perfectly positioned to fix this problem. No one would have expected staunch anti-communist Richard Nixon to open relations with the Peoples Republic of China and he surprised a lot of people when he did. Obama never had this "Go to China" moment. Instead his legacy is trillions and trillions of debt that will weaken the future of America.

The verdict is not even close. Historians will have no choice but to recognize Obama the WPE - Worst President Ever.

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  1. Obama has truly earned the mistrust & outright disrespect of foreign leaders, both allies & enemies. Diplomacy is the only shield against outright & vocal derision by our allies. Putin openly calls him an "Idiot" & "Mush-for-Brains".