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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Obama: ISIS Contained -- No One Told ISIS in Paris

In an exclusive Thursday interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos aired Friday morning on Good Morning America, President Obama claimed that ISIS was contained.

Less that 24 hours later, events in Paris proved Obama wrong again.

Incredibly, Obama claimed that he had the best military and foreign policy advisers around to counsel him on steps to take to fight ISIS -- giving the impression that he is doing the best that anyone can do.

What he didn't say, and what Stephanopoulos did not ask, was why Obama did not listen to his best military and foreign policy advisers back in 2011 when they were telling him to leave troops in Iraq to prevent the deterioration into unstable control of terrorists in Iraq.  He also failed to take any "red line" action to prevent the deterioration of the civil war in Syria.

His failure to act created the opportunity for ISIS to fill the power vacuum. Obama didn't see it coming, dismissing the highly organized, disciplined, and violent terrorists as "the JV team."

Obama has gone out of his way to divorce the word "Muslim" from "terrorist." He has been less than serious in defeating ISIS, being content to "contain and degrade." His decision to pull out of Iraq will be the biggest foreign policy mistake of his presidency (unless Iran develops a nuclear bomb).

Admittedly, Obama has left himself with terrible options, but mostly due to poor decisions earlier in his presidency.

Do you think John McCain, Mitt Romney, or even Hillary Clinton would have gone down this path to widespread, uncontrolled terrorism the way Obama did?

Of course not. Worst President Ever.

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