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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pick Your 2015 Conservative Book of the Year . . .

Every year there are a lot of books targeted to conservatives; more than most of us have time to read. Nevertheless, if you had to pick one conservative book of the year for 2015, what would it be?

For me, I made my selection based on how important the book is. I had three finalists:

The one that was published first was
This book was not written by a conservative, but it only makes it all the more credible. This is the go to book to learn about the train wreck that is Obamacare. More: ObamaCare Winners and Losers
The next one I read was
This book revealed the all but criminal behavior exhibited by Hillary Clinton in extracting millions of dollars from shady characters in return for government favors. In a perfect world, every voter would be required to read this before voting. More:  7 Things The Foreign Donor Scandal Reveals About Hillary

Final, my third choice would be
This year ISIS expanded its span of terror. Obama and other liberals refuse to recognize the religious basis for Islamic terrorism. This book lays out all the reasons that it is about Islam and we shouldn't ignore it. More: 13 Reasons Carson Is Right To Be Against A Muslim U.S. President

All three are great, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I would pick America's Bitter Pill. It clearly shows the damage that can happen to the nation when we allow government to interfere in the economy.

What is your top conservative book for 2015?

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Best Read Aloud Christmas Book Ever . . .

There are a lot of great read aloud Christmas stories. Of course none of them would be possible without the original version of the original Christmas story in the New Testament. Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol is a great classic, and Dr. Suess has his The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, which is a favorite of millions of readers. But there is another book that I believe should be acknowledged as the Best Read Aloud Christmas Book - Barbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Ms. Robinson, who passed away in 2013, wrote this book in 1972. What makes it such a great read aloud book is that at 100 pages, it is not that long. With just seven chapters, you can read it in just one week's time if you read one chapter a day, but you might get through it faster since your listeners may demand that you go on and read another chapter.

But what makes this book the most appealing is that it is laugh-out-loud funny while at the same time it has a touching message of the meaning of the birth of Christ that will easily bring tears to you and your listeners.

So do your family a favor and turn off the TV and read this book together. You will not regret it.

Is there another read aloud Christmas book you would recommend even more?

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Almost Wasn’t

Peanuts creator Charles Schulz and Hollywood party boy Charlie Sheen have both been in the news lately -- Schulz because of the excellent Peanuts movie that was recently released and Sheen for announcing that he is HIV positive.

Sheen has been proud of his hedonistic lifestyle and acted like he was invincible. No doubt some people envied his playboy antics of doing whatever made him feel good. Sheen is now learning that you can choose your actions, but you can't choose your consequences. If you play with snakes, you are going to get bit.

Schulz was not perfect, but his personal values were based on his Christian faith and he left us with a beloved treasure of comic characters that will continue to bring happiness to many future generations.

Schulz was not shy in proclaiming his faith in public. 50 years ago this month he proved it.

In today’s entertainment culture, no one would ever make a prime time TV cartoon where the highlight of the program is having a main character recite the nativity story from the Gospel of Luke. One might guess that 50 years ago, this would be no big deal.

It was a big deal and A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen.

By 1965, Charles Schulz had turned down offers to make Peanuts into animated movies or TV programs. Schulz finally consented to do A Charlie Brown Christmas, but he maintained strict control over the content. It was to have a message about how Christmas was being commercialized that would play on commercial television. In an era when all cartoons used a laugh track, he insisted on no laugh track. He decided that he would use real children to do the voices, not adults imitating children’s voices.

Most importantly, Schulz wrote a script where Linus spent one whole minute reciting St. Luke’s Christmas story. CBS executives were not pleased. One said, “The Bible thing scares us.” Another thought the show was too slow and too innocent. Schulz was adamant that the Gospel story would stay in.

The program first aired on a Thursday night, December 9, 1965. Half the people watching television in America tuned in.

The next day reviews across the nation recognized it as an instant Yule classic. Audiences loved Linus’s touching speech which brought tears to many. The next year A Charlie Brown Christmas won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Programming.

We can thank Charles Schulz for keeping to his values and giving us a Christmas special that is actually about the real meaning of Christmas. When his co-producer tried one last time to get him to drop the St. Luke section, Schulz told him, “If we don’t do it, who will?”

For a comprehensive biography of Charles Schulz, read Schulz and Peanuts by David Michaelis.

What about Charlie Sheen's legacy? The less said, the better.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trump Doesn't Know What The Triad Is? . . .

I continue to be surprised that Donald Trump continues to attract high poll numbers. I always thought that those who picked their candidates based on emotions were Democrats. But Trump clearly proves that Republicans can also pick someone based on an emotional connection, regardless of the candidates qualifications.

If you can eliminate the emotional element, it is clear that Trump is the least qualified candidate in the Republican field. This was on display at the December 15 debate when it was clear he had no clue what the "Triad" is, although Hugh Hewitt did all but describe it. His rambling, incoherent, off-topic response to the question should give people pause. We are picking the person who will have his finger on the nuclear button. The "Triad" is not a subject for someone with a PhD in nuclear physics. It is a basic term that anyone who lived through the cold war should easily know. Not since Sarah Palin have Republicans flirted with someone as ill informed and ill prepared for the presidency.

My earlier posts show that I am not of fan of Mr. Trump:

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I am hopeful that the Republican party still has more "thinking" conservatives than "feeling" conservatives and we can get behind a true conservative and not one who plays one on TV. Trump may be leading polls, but no one has gotten any votes yet.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

11 Reasons Darth Vader is a Liberal Democrat . . .

The pending release of the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens has created an increased interest in all things Star Wars.  No character is more closely identified with Star Wars than Darth Vader. During this election season, I asked myself, "Which presidential candidate would Darth Vader vote for?" The answer is surprisingly easy to predict.

Darth Vader would vote for Hillary Clinton because he is unquestionably an establishment liberal democrat. Sorry Bernie, you are too much of a rebel to attract Vader's support. And the anti-big government Tea Party Republican candidates are a clear choice for the rebel alliance. Darth Vader would try to destroy them.

Here are the reasons that Darth Vader is a liberal Democrat:
  1. He's a white guy trying to be black.  This seems to be a trait found among Democrats.  See Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.
  2. He is a descendant of slaves. Despite having done little to help the descendants of slaves escape poverty, they tend to vote for Democrats who created and run the welfare system that keeps them poor.
  3. He hates the military. In more than one scene Vader personally kills a leading military officer.
  4. He is okay with killing old people. Democrats are big supporters of euthanasia. Vader killed senior citizen Ben Kenobi at a time when he was not even defending himself.
  5. He is single. After a bad breakup with with wife Padme, Vader remained single. Voter surveys show that singles usually vote Democrat while married people vote Republican.
  6. He works for the government. Most government workers are Democrats.
  7. He slavishly follows a dictatorial chief executive who ignores the legislature. Vader's all in for governing with a phone or pen or lighting bolts that shoot out of hands. Same goes for the Obamanation.
  8. He doesn't own a gun. Liberals don't like guns and don't own them.
  9. He's okay killing small children and even wanted to kill his own kids. Darth Vader killed the young Jedi children in the temple. Vader is in the mode of liberal icon Peter Singer who has advocated for killing severely disabled infants even after they are born. It goes without saying that he would have no problem with abortions.
  10. His actions show he is clearly a criminal. Surveys of felons show that 7 in 10 are Democrats and only 1 in 10 are Republican.
  11. He's a champion of the dark side. The delegates to the 2012 National Democrat Convention famously denied God three times when they voted down attempts to reinstate the mention of God in the Democrat platform. The Democrats are lead by many godless secularists. They think people who believe in God and follow the teachings of Jesus should be excised from sharing their believes in the public square. They have embraced the dark side.
Until we see Darth Vader's voter registration card, liberals may deny that he is one of their own, but the facts speak for themselves . . .

Darth Vader is a liberal Democrat.

Some Democrats may object and point out that Darth Vader couldn't vote for Hillary because he is dead. All I can say is, when has that ever stopped a Democrat from voting?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hillary is Trump's Second Choice for President

Things are not looking good for conservatives when it comes to retaking the White House. Despite pledging that he would not run as an independent if he did not get the nomination, Donald Trump recently tweeted that a majority of his supporters "would vote for me if I departed the GOP & ran as an independent."

We'll have to wait and see if Trump's signed oath and pledge is good or if he's a promise breaker and would run as an independent. This would guarantee the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

Trump is notoriously egotistic, thin-skinned, vain, narcissistic, and mercurial. He threatens to bolt if the GOP is not "nice" to him. Trump's great at dishing it out, but he doesn't handle disagreement well at all. Is that the kind of temperament we need in a president? It hasn't turned out so well with the thin-skinned Obama.

Reality star Trump has run a clinic in how to run a campaign in our modern internet age. He is a master of the soundbite and knows how to attract free media attention. He is touching the emotions of his supporters, the same strategy that Obama used to build his grassroot's support.

This emotional connection is blinding his supporters to Trump's questionable conservative and constitutional views. However there are enough other, less emotional Republican voters who may like some of what Trump is saying but don't like the package. They will vote for someone else and Trump could lose the Republican nomination.

How will Trump supporters feel if their infatuation for Trump leads them to supporting his independent run for the presidency?  Reality alert: that would guarantee Hillary would be our next president.

So if you support Trump to the end, know this -- your second choice for president is Hillary Clinton.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Radical + Muslim = Terror

President Obama and other liberals have done all they can to separate the word "Muslim" from "Radical" or "Terror." They talk about the War on Terror -- as if terror was an enemy by itself, even though the global terrorists are overwhelmingly Muslim. They never say the War on Islamic Terror. They talk about terrorists being "Radicalized" without mentioning the other key ingredient -- the killers are Muslim, not Mormon, not Catholic, not Evangelical, not Buddhist.

Sane and rational people recognize that being radical is not a worldwide problem with other religions. Radical Mormons might become missionaries and knock on doors at their own expense for two years. Radical Catholics might renounce all world possessions and become monks or nuns. Radical Evangelicals might dedicate their time and money to build schools and wells in Africa. You may think all these actions are crazy, but they don't kill anyone.

Radical Muslims blow people up. They cut off their heads. They crucify people. They throw them off buildings. They do this because they follow a warped version of Islam that approves and encourages such evil behavior.

In other faiths, being radical might make someone eccentric, but it doesn't make someone dangerous.

Making excuses for religious fanatics by claiming they are not religious ignores the source of their rage. They are not attacking the West because of climate change. They are not attacking the West because of unemployment. They are not attacking the West because of lack of education.

They are attacking the West because they are radical Muslim terrorists who are acting in keeping with their religious beliefs.

The political correctness, that refuses to label the problem for what it is, is leading to more deaths. It's time to recognize that the formula for Terror is Radical plus Muslim.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Time Prayers Brought Angels to Stop a Mad Bomber - Cokeville, WY

Faithless liberals are in the news recently for heartlessly criticizing people who are praying for the families of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Faithless liberals have no comprehension or even interest in the power of prayer.  They think that prayer should work like putting money in a gumball machine, but God is no gumball machine.

The faithless liberals see the tragedies in San Bernardino and Paris and to them it proves that there is no God because God would not allow evil to happen. In their understanding, because there is evil, there must not be any God.

Ironically, the world is worse off when secularism dominates and Christianity is suppressed. Faithless liberals don't make for a better world when they work to eliminate Christian values and actions such as prayer from the culture. Prayer can work and despite regular death and destruction caused by ISIS and other evildoers, there have been times when prayers have stopped acts of terror.

This year an excellent movie was released about a true story where prayers and angels intervened to stop a madman who was prepared to blow up a school full of students and teachers. The movie is The Cokeville Miracle.

On May 9, 1896, David Young, a disgruntled, mentally unstable, former town marshal returned to Cokeville, Wyoming. Accompanied by his compliant wife Doris, he walked into the Cokeville Elementary School with multiple firearms and a home-made bomb. He corralled more than 120 students and teachers into a classroom and he attached himself to trigger on the bomb so that if he fell or was pulled away from the bomb it would explode. He made demands of the principal to collect a multi-million dollar ransom but at the same time, he told his hostages that he intended to kill them all. It was not an idle threat, Young had successfully detonated his home-made bombs in practice. He had no doubts it would work.

Word of the crisis quickly spread throughout the small ranching community. Prayers were offered for the safety of the children by parents and others, even at the local high school in defiance to rules against prayers in school. It became a national and international story which resulted in more prayers by more people world wide.

Two and half hours into the hostage ordeal Young needed to use the bathroom, so he transferred the bomb trigger to his wife. While he was in the bathroom, Doris Young inadvertently set off the bomb. It should have completely destroyed the room and much of the school. Instead the bomb created a localized explosion with the force directed upward. The children and teachers ran. Some exited out of the classroom door and others squeezed through the windows that lined one side of the room. Apart from the explosive blast, the escapees had to content with exploding bullets that were being cooked off by the heat of the bomb and firing all over the room.

Young came out of the bathroom. He shot one of the teachers in the back while he was running away. He then shot his mortally injured wife and then returned to the bathroom where he killed himself.

The teacher who was shot did not suffer a critical injury. None of the children or other teachers sustained any life threatening injuries. There were some with burns and others that breathed in smoke, but miraculously, no hostages died.

Investigators later discovered that 3 of the 5 blasting caps did not work because the wires had been cut. Also, the container Young pick, to hold the bomb fuel, had a leak which also lessened the power of the explosion.

Most miraculously many of the children told their parents afterwards that men and women dressed in white had given them instructions on how to protect themselves before the bomb exploded and helped guide them out of the smoke filled room after the explosion. Curiously, many of the children also pointed out that their guardian angels looked like relatives who had died, many whom they had never met in life.

Why it appears that there was heavenly intervention in this event, but not in others, is an answer I don't have. But clearly miracles can happen and do. For a recently written book on the subject of miracles, I recommend Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, And How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas.

If people don't believe in prayer, that is their loss. But if they mock and criticize others for praying, that is not helpful. It only makes things worse. I pray that more people will use the power of prayer to make this world a better place.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How ISIS is Obama's Ally in the War on Climate Change . . .

Critics, even many on the left, are dumbfounded that President Obama is so passionate on his war on climate change, but less than engaged in the war on radical Islam terrorists. He can't even say the words "radical Islam terrorists."

Obama is always finding excuses for the murderous actions of radical Islamists. Why? We know he attended a Muslim school as a child. We know he feels closer association Kenyan Muslims than the Europeans who made Africa into colonies. We know he feels no loyalty or affinity to his supposed Christian values, seeing them as no better than Muslim values that have made a mess of their culture.

But there is one more reason why Obama may not be as tough on ISIS as we would hope -- Obama is fixated on solving climate change and the rise of ISIS actually helps fight climate change.

Here is how . . .

  1. ISIS uses eco-friendly ways to execute people. A knife has a much smaller carbon footprint than a gun and a bullet. Crucifying someone doesn't even need a knife. And throwing someone off of a building even saves making the cross.
  2. When ISIS killed at least 130 Parisians, they eliminated Westerners with higher than average carbon footprints, thus reducing climate change.
  3. When ISIS blew up a Russian airplane, they eliminated one of the worst CO2 emitters around. A victory in the war on global warming.
  4. Suicide bombing is the ultimate tool to reduce global warming. Not only does it permanently remove the carbon emissions of all the victims, even the bomber's carbon footprint is eliminated. Can there be any greater sacrifice in advancing the war on climate change?
  5. ISIS would eliminate the state of Israel and replace it with Arabs with much smaller carbon footprints. Global warming reduced again.
  6. ISIS would like to force all women to remain at home. Think of all the reduction in CO2 emissions if half the population hardly left home and were not even allowed to drive cars.
  7. ISIS would love to destroy a Western city with a nuclear bomb.  This would be another great victory in the war on global warming. Think of the impact of millions less people contributing to global warming.
  8. ISIS embraces seventh century culture as ideal. Think how much less man-made global warming there would be if everyone lived in the conditions that existed 1,300 years ago.
So the next time you go nuts about Obama's fixation with global warming while at the same time being soft on ISIS, remember this -- to defeat ISIS means to lose a great ally in the war on global warming. Obama is being entirely consistent in his current actions. He thinks global warming is the bigger problem, so he cut ISIS some slack because they are on his side when it comes to the war on climate change.

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