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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hillary is Trump's Second Choice for President

Things are not looking good for conservatives when it comes to retaking the White House. Despite pledging that he would not run as an independent if he did not get the nomination, Donald Trump recently tweeted that a majority of his supporters "would vote for me if I departed the GOP & ran as an independent."

We'll have to wait and see if Trump's signed oath and pledge is good or if he's a promise breaker and would run as an independent. This would guarantee the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

Trump is notoriously egotistic, thin-skinned, vain, narcissistic, and mercurial. He threatens to bolt if the GOP is not "nice" to him. Trump's great at dishing it out, but he doesn't handle disagreement well at all. Is that the kind of temperament we need in a president? It hasn't turned out so well with the thin-skinned Obama.

Reality star Trump has run a clinic in how to run a campaign in our modern internet age. He is a master of the soundbite and knows how to attract free media attention. He is touching the emotions of his supporters, the same strategy that Obama used to build his grassroot's support.

This emotional connection is blinding his supporters to Trump's questionable conservative and constitutional views. However there are enough other, less emotional Republican voters who may like some of what Trump is saying but don't like the package. They will vote for someone else and Trump could lose the Republican nomination.

How will Trump supporters feel if their infatuation for Trump leads them to supporting his independent run for the presidency?  Reality alert: that would guarantee Hillary would be our next president.

So if you support Trump to the end, know this -- your second choice for president is Hillary Clinton.

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