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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How ISIS is Obama's Ally in the War on Climate Change . . .

Critics, even many on the left, are dumbfounded that President Obama is so passionate on his war on climate change, but less than engaged in the war on radical Islam terrorists. He can't even say the words "radical Islam terrorists."

Obama is always finding excuses for the murderous actions of radical Islamists. Why? We know he attended a Muslim school as a child. We know he feels closer association Kenyan Muslims than the Europeans who made Africa into colonies. We know he feels no loyalty or affinity to his supposed Christian values, seeing them as no better than Muslim values that have made a mess of their culture.

But there is one more reason why Obama may not be as tough on ISIS as we would hope -- Obama is fixated on solving climate change and the rise of ISIS actually helps fight climate change.

Here is how . . .

  1. ISIS uses eco-friendly ways to execute people. A knife has a much smaller carbon footprint than a gun and a bullet. Crucifying someone doesn't even need a knife. And throwing someone off of a building even saves making the cross.
  2. When ISIS killed at least 130 Parisians, they eliminated Westerners with higher than average carbon footprints, thus reducing climate change.
  3. When ISIS blew up a Russian airplane, they eliminated one of the worst CO2 emitters around. A victory in the war on global warming.
  4. Suicide bombing is the ultimate tool to reduce global warming. Not only does it permanently remove the carbon emissions of all the victims, even the bomber's carbon footprint is eliminated. Can there be any greater sacrifice in advancing the war on climate change?
  5. ISIS would eliminate the state of Israel and replace it with Arabs with much smaller carbon footprints. Global warming reduced again.
  6. ISIS would like to force all women to remain at home. Think of all the reduction in CO2 emissions if half the population hardly left home and were not even allowed to drive cars.
  7. ISIS would love to destroy a Western city with a nuclear bomb.  This would be another great victory in the war on global warming. Think of the impact of millions less people contributing to global warming.
  8. ISIS embraces seventh century culture as ideal. Think how much less man-made global warming there would be if everyone lived in the conditions that existed 1,300 years ago.
So the next time you go nuts about Obama's fixation with global warming while at the same time being soft on ISIS, remember this -- to defeat ISIS means to lose a great ally in the war on global warming. Obama is being entirely consistent in his current actions. He thinks global warming is the bigger problem, so he cut ISIS some slack because they are on his side when it comes to the war on climate change.

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