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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Radical + Muslim = Terror

President Obama and other liberals have done all they can to separate the word "Muslim" from "Radical" or "Terror." They talk about the War on Terror -- as if terror was an enemy by itself, even though the global terrorists are overwhelmingly Muslim. They never say the War on Islamic Terror. They talk about terrorists being "Radicalized" without mentioning the other key ingredient -- the killers are Muslim, not Mormon, not Catholic, not Evangelical, not Buddhist.

Sane and rational people recognize that being radical is not a worldwide problem with other religions. Radical Mormons might become missionaries and knock on doors at their own expense for two years. Radical Catholics might renounce all world possessions and become monks or nuns. Radical Evangelicals might dedicate their time and money to build schools and wells in Africa. You may think all these actions are crazy, but they don't kill anyone.

Radical Muslims blow people up. They cut off their heads. They crucify people. They throw them off buildings. They do this because they follow a warped version of Islam that approves and encourages such evil behavior.

In other faiths, being radical might make someone eccentric, but it doesn't make someone dangerous.

Making excuses for religious fanatics by claiming they are not religious ignores the source of their rage. They are not attacking the West because of climate change. They are not attacking the West because of unemployment. They are not attacking the West because of lack of education.

They are attacking the West because they are radical Muslim terrorists who are acting in keeping with their religious beliefs.

The political correctness, that refuses to label the problem for what it is, is leading to more deaths. It's time to recognize that the formula for Terror is Radical plus Muslim.

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