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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Time Prayers Brought Angels to Stop a Mad Bomber - Cokeville, WY

Faithless liberals are in the news recently for heartlessly criticizing people who are praying for the families of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Faithless liberals have no comprehension or even interest in the power of prayer.  They think that prayer should work like putting money in a gumball machine, but God is no gumball machine.

The faithless liberals see the tragedies in San Bernardino and Paris and to them it proves that there is no God because God would not allow evil to happen. In their understanding, because there is evil, there must not be any God.

Ironically, the world is worse off when secularism dominates and Christianity is suppressed. Faithless liberals don't make for a better world when they work to eliminate Christian values and actions such as prayer from the culture. Prayer can work and despite regular death and destruction caused by ISIS and other evildoers, there have been times when prayers have stopped acts of terror.

This year an excellent movie was released about a true story where prayers and angels intervened to stop a madman who was prepared to blow up a school full of students and teachers. The movie is The Cokeville Miracle.

On May 9, 1896, David Young, a disgruntled, mentally unstable, former town marshal returned to Cokeville, Wyoming. Accompanied by his compliant wife Doris, he walked into the Cokeville Elementary School with multiple firearms and a home-made bomb. He corralled more than 120 students and teachers into a classroom and he attached himself to trigger on the bomb so that if he fell or was pulled away from the bomb it would explode. He made demands of the principal to collect a multi-million dollar ransom but at the same time, he told his hostages that he intended to kill them all. It was not an idle threat, Young had successfully detonated his home-made bombs in practice. He had no doubts it would work.

Word of the crisis quickly spread throughout the small ranching community. Prayers were offered for the safety of the children by parents and others, even at the local high school in defiance to rules against prayers in school. It became a national and international story which resulted in more prayers by more people world wide.

Two and half hours into the hostage ordeal Young needed to use the bathroom, so he transferred the bomb trigger to his wife. While he was in the bathroom, Doris Young inadvertently set off the bomb. It should have completely destroyed the room and much of the school. Instead the bomb created a localized explosion with the force directed upward. The children and teachers ran. Some exited out of the classroom door and others squeezed through the windows that lined one side of the room. Apart from the explosive blast, the escapees had to content with exploding bullets that were being cooked off by the heat of the bomb and firing all over the room.

Young came out of the bathroom. He shot one of the teachers in the back while he was running away. He then shot his mortally injured wife and then returned to the bathroom where he killed himself.

The teacher who was shot did not suffer a critical injury. None of the children or other teachers sustained any life threatening injuries. There were some with burns and others that breathed in smoke, but miraculously, no hostages died.

Investigators later discovered that 3 of the 5 blasting caps did not work because the wires had been cut. Also, the container Young pick, to hold the bomb fuel, had a leak which also lessened the power of the explosion.

Most miraculously many of the children told their parents afterwards that men and women dressed in white had given them instructions on how to protect themselves before the bomb exploded and helped guide them out of the smoke filled room after the explosion. Curiously, many of the children also pointed out that their guardian angels looked like relatives who had died, many whom they had never met in life.

Why it appears that there was heavenly intervention in this event, but not in others, is an answer I don't have. But clearly miracles can happen and do. For a recently written book on the subject of miracles, I recommend Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, And How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas.

If people don't believe in prayer, that is their loss. But if they mock and criticize others for praying, that is not helpful. It only makes things worse. I pray that more people will use the power of prayer to make this world a better place.

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