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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trump Doesn't Know What The Triad Is? . . .

I continue to be surprised that Donald Trump continues to attract high poll numbers. I always thought that those who picked their candidates based on emotions were Democrats. But Trump clearly proves that Republicans can also pick someone based on an emotional connection, regardless of the candidates qualifications.

If you can eliminate the emotional element, it is clear that Trump is the least qualified candidate in the Republican field. This was on display at the December 15 debate when it was clear he had no clue what the "Triad" is, although Hugh Hewitt did all but describe it. His rambling, incoherent, off-topic response to the question should give people pause. We are picking the person who will have his finger on the nuclear button. The "Triad" is not a subject for someone with a PhD in nuclear physics. It is a basic term that anyone who lived through the cold war should easily know. Not since Sarah Palin have Republicans flirted with someone as ill informed and ill prepared for the presidency.

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I am hopeful that the Republican party still has more "thinking" conservatives than "feeling" conservatives and we can get behind a true conservative and not one who plays one on TV. Trump may be leading polls, but no one has gotten any votes yet.

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