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Monday, January 25, 2016

Proof We're One Generation Away from Abandoning God the Creator

Last week the Washington Post reported that 0% of young Icelanders believe that God created the earth.

Twenty years ago 90% of Icelanders claimed to be religious believers. Now it is less than 50%. The believers are dying off and the youth are increasing atheists.

What changed?

The Post reported:

"Secularization [in Iceland] has occurred very quickly, especially among younger people," said Bjarni Jonsson, the managing director of the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association, an atheist nongovernmental organization. "With increased education and broad-mindedness, change can occur quickly."

Young Icelanders have abandoned their religious heritage to embrace secularism due to "education" and "broad-mindedness".

Could it happen here?

Here in the United States, the secular left focuses on maintaining control of public schools so they can promote the same secular message. They fight like rabid dogs to prevent any teachings that would suggest the existence of Deity.

So much for "broad-mindedness."

So it is up to parents to lead the next generation to keep the faith. Fortunately, science is actually on the side of believers. For example, the secularists are careful to banish any criticism of Darwin and evolution, even though evolution is becoming increasingly impossible to support from the scientific facts.

To make this message more accessible to the general public, I wrote the play Inherit the Wind: Overturned by Design. (see link at upper right). This time, instead of basing the over-the-hill politician turned prosecutor on William Jennings Bryant, he looks a lot like Al Gore. Instead of Clarence Darrow, the feisty defense attorney is based on Ann Coulter. It's conservatives debating liberals, intelligent design vs evolution. It shares the message that intelligent design should be taken seriously, and not dismissed without any debate. My goal is to see this play help advance the intelligent design argument.

The trends are clear, the secular humanists have a goal of removing God from the lives of our youth.

Let's not let that happen.

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