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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sanders Has His Own Ice Cream. What About Hillary? . . .

Ben Cohen, who co-founded Ben & Jerry's, just created a special ice cream flavor for Bernie Sanders. It is called Bernie's Yearning. It is a pint of mint ice cream with a disc of solid chocolate on the top 1% of the container. People are supposed to break up the chocolate and mix it up with the ice cream that represents the 99% who are being exploited by the top 1%.

As usually, Hillary gets scooped by the competition. Still it is not too late to come up with her own personal ice cream flavor. Here is the recipe for Hilly Vanilly:

  • Start with really old vanilla ice cream.
  • Add a generous supply of expensive imported nuts.
  • Add some BS (butterscotch).
  • Home-churn it in Hillary's basement where she used to keep her email server. Make sure it is nice and fluffy so it is mostly air.
  • Comes with rainbow sprinkles (but only if packaged after 2013)
  • Warning: buyers needs to pay Bill Clinton later to give an expensive speech.
What else is missing?

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