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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Is the real party of lewdness winning?

I thought I would be done making Trump memes when he wrapped up the Republican nomination. Sadly, he is proving to be a terrible candidate who is making to possible for a terrible person like Hillary Clinton to win.

Can someone explain this?

Hillary Clinton is such a poor candidate that it should be pretty easy to run against her. Of course to do that, you have to run against her and not focus on some side-show.

Once again Trump is being pulled off message by the Alicia Machado side-show. Any time spent on that is time taken away from the real issues where Hillary is weak. Trump is like the dog from the movie Up who was easily distracted every time he saw a squirrel.

Are Trump and Pence the political version of Suicide Squad? 
Hillary is so weak and yet Republicans managed to nominate the candidate she can most easily beat.

Also new

Oldies but goodies
Nice going Indiana.

You can't make this stuff up. Trump eagerly touts Mike Tyson's endorsement.
Tyson was convicted in 1992 for raping an 18 year old and served three years in prison. 
He is a registered sex offender. And this is going to help win the women's vote?

In the Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island primaries, 
Clinton and Sanders got 3 million votes. Trump got 1.3 million votes. 
Sanders alone got more votes than Trump in three of these states (CN, MD, RI).
Take away: Trump does well in states Republicans will lose big time in the fall.

Kasich will not campaign in Indiana, leaving Trump to face Cruz alone.
Trump whines about collusion.

You really can't make this up. 
Today (4/21/2016) Trump came out in support of adult men sharing restrooms with little girls.
Collective sigh while his supporters defend his latest kooky liberal belief.

Jordan Spieth may have lost the 2016 Masters after a major collapse, 
but he is a nothing compared to choke artist master Donald Trump
who has managed only 6 delegates in Wisconsin 
and not a single delegate in Utah, North Dakota, or Colorado.

It's becoming increasing unlikely that Trump will get to the needed 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot. His supporters are claiming that if he is close, the rules should be changed so he can win with fewer than the required votes. 
If you don't cross the line, you don't score.
That's the rules; in football and in politics.

Trump supporters like to tout that their candidate is a winner because he has finished ahead of other candidates in more states so far. This masks the more important fact that nowhere has Trump been able to get a majority of the votes and in many states he has done very poorly. 

For once I have to agree with Trump.

These are all real Donald Trump quotes that match up nicely with the Wizard of Oz characters.
Which one is most like Donald Trump?

At a rally in Salt Lake City, Donald Trump asked the the crowd the following about Mitt Romney:
"Are you sure he's a Mormon?"
We can ask a similar question about Trump. 
The answer is the same to both.

Trump won't come to the debate scheduled for March 21 in Salt Lake City.
Given his poor performance in past debates, 
this is a smart move coming from someone who is "very, very not smart."
Trump is no match for Cruz or for the type of hard hitting questions Fox would ask.
Brave Sir Donald Runs Away.

For some reason Trump supporters think that a candidate who has never been able to convince half of the voters in any state so far to vote for him should represent the Republican party. 
Ever hear of President Seward? Me neither.
Seward had the most votes at the 1860 Republican convention on the first ballot, 
but he did not have at least 50%. 
The Republicans picked Abraham Lincoln on the third ballot and he ended up on Mt Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the penny, and the $5 bill.

I recently finished Noonan's book about Ronald Reagan. 
She was not a Reagan fan to begin with, but she came to recognize the genius that was Reagan.
Principled, honest, conservative to the bone -- all the things that Trump is not.

For month's Trump has been threatening violence to people who disrupt his rallies. 
Now some of his supporters are becoming violence.
Trump is unfit to be president for encouraging violence in politics 
- that's the action of 1930's fascism.

I heard today that Trump says he will probably skip any more scheduled debates.
This is understandable given that every time he participates in a debate 
it clearly shows that he don't know much and is "very, very not smart"

If we believe Donald Trump, 
there are now TWO people who have ever lived 
who have never needed to repent.

We are selecting someone we will trust with the most important job in America. 
Someone who has such disregard for being a faithful spouse 
is not a good bet for keeping important promises. 
Trump will do what is best for Trump, not what his supporters want. 
He has proven time and time again that his relationships are temporary.

As of 3/9/16 the headlines in the main stream media would have you believe that Trump is running away with the nomination. That benefits Clinton who the MSM would like to see as president. The facts however are crystal clear that Trump continues to fail at attracting a majority anywhere. Voters continue to communicate the message that most do not want Trump to win the Republican nomination. For the sake of America, let's hope this trend continues.

Charlie Chaplin making fun of a dictator.
Donald Trump making run as a dictator.

So, Brave Sir Donald decides to cancel CPAC. 
More evidence he is not a conservative and he is not a tough guy. #NotTrump.

It is increasingly clear that Trump is relying on the ignorance of his supporters to give him the votes he needs. He seems unworried that they will notice all the warning signs that he is a conman and a fraud because he tells his followers what they want to hear. They are blind to his dishonesty and lack of conservative values. Trump's core value is Trump, not the Constitution. He says he is flexible, meaning he will turn on his supporters to pursue his progressive goals. His failure to release his tax returns and the NYT audio, that shows his willingness to flip on immigration, are proof he is a fraud. None of this matters to his angry, emotional followers who ignore his flawed temperament and judgment. America deserves better.

Those attracted by the message of Trump are blinded to who he really is. 
It happened before in ancient Israel.

Nowhere has Trump been able to get more than 50% of the votes. Clearly most voters would prefer another candidate to represent the Republican party.

The New York Times has an off-the-recorded audio where Trump supposedly walks back his signature issue of deporting 11 million illegals. Trump could prove this wrong by authorizing the release of this audio, but he won't because he doesn't want people to hear what he said.

Trump announces he wants to strengthen liable laws so he can sue his enemies in the press.

Trump is not presidential.

Now we know the voters that Trump values most.

Greedy cuts corners and does not strive for excellence.

Trump has hijacked the Republican Party

Hillary is a 21st century Nixon and Trump is a 21st century Mussolini 
 This is what happens when you share the truth about Trump's past with his true believers.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

5 TV Characters Matched to Their Favorite Candidates . . .

Which TV characters best represents the voters for the presidential candidates?

Any other suggestions?

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama Values: Cuba Yes, Scalia No

In his last State of the Union speech, President Obama lamented that he was not able to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans.

He has no one to blame but himself. His contempt for conservatives is once more on display when in the same week he announced he would not extend the expected presidential courtesy of attending Justice Scalia's funeral, but would make a state visit to communist anti-American Cuba.

Obama's press secretary had no explanation for why Obama decided to pass up the funeral and refused to rule out the chance that he might go golfing instead.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

7 Cartoons That Tell The Trump Truth

Unfortunately, these are all funny but true. . .

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