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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heil Hair Trump: He Wins, You Lose

Donald Trump was the big Republican winner in the New Hampshire Primary. That makes the American people, and conservatives in particular, the big losers.

Trump supporters are drawn to his message which they also feel strongly about. Yes, the political establishment has allowed illegal immigration to continue uncontrolled for years. Yes, the political establishment has not recognized the dangers of radical Islam. Yes, the political establishment has been complicit in allowing other countries to perpetuate unfair trade practices.

What Trump supporters are ignoring is this:

You don't elect an idea, you elect a person.

Trump is a bombastic strong-man, not a good personality for a national leader.

Anyone who is familiar with the history of the 20th century can see that Trump's political ancestors are Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco. I am 100% sure that Trump is not an evil murderer like Hitler (I'll ignore his comment about being able to shoot someone on the street without losing supporters). I am also 100% sure that Trump shares many of non-evil characteristics of Hitler and other dictators.

  1. Reality star Trump is a master of the media. So was Hitler. No politician used the new technology of radio like Hitler did.
  2. Trump relies on the emotions of large crowd events. So did Hitler. Hitler was a dynamic speaker for his day. He attracted large cheering crowds.
  3. Trump verbally attacks and makes fun of his foes. So did Hitler. Mocking his enemies was a big part of Hitler's communications to the public.
  4. Trump promises to make changes without recognizing the participation of congress. So did Hitler. While Trump would not be able to abolish the legislature like Hitler did, he has announced he will make frequent use of executive orders.
  5. Trump feeds on fear of minorities. So did Hitler. For Hitler is was Jews. For Trump it is illegals from Latin America and Muslims.
  6. Trump is not a small government Constitutionalist. Neither was Hitler. Both wanted to use their power to have government change things to their liking.
  7. Trump wants to make the country great again. So did Hitler. He was upset about the Treaty of Versailles and wanted to reverse the results. Trump is upset about the status of the American worker and wants to reverse the decline. Both appeal to the emotions of their supporters.
  8. Trump is a selfish narcissist of dubious character. So was Hitler. We can do better than this.

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