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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama Worships Golf, Not God

Barack Obama spent years as a member of the anti-American Jeremiah Wright church, but it would be hard to see how he is really a practicing Christian. When he thought there were no mics around he complained that too many Americans "bitterly cling to their guns and religion." He regularly disparages Christian believes, even taking government actions to force people of faith to act against their beliefs such as in the Little Sisters of the Poor case where he would force them to provide abortion pills to employees.

He is the world's biggest apologist for Islam, refusing to shine a light on it's violent excesses.

He puts great faith in secular humanist interference through clumsy big government, such as his unwavering support for action to "control"the climate or Obamacare.

His clear preference for the Sabbath Day is golf. He has golfed around 300 times while president, taking up about 1,200 hours. That enough time to attend a weekly 90 minute religious serves for 15 years. But for Obama, golf is more important than God or church.

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