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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

9 Damning Facts About Hillary's Email Scandal

This week the Washington Post published a lengthy article about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The shady practices detailed below show just how terrible Clinton's actions were. She is unqualified to serve as president of the United States.

  1. State Department security officials had no knowledge that Hillary's Blackberry was tied to an unsecured and unprotected private email server. 
  2. Her aides ignored warnings about the security risks from using the Blackberry. Clinton took her Blackberry to China where experts knew the Chinese would be able to remotely and easily install malware. The malware could be made to migrate to her private server. After the trip Clinton acknowledged her understanding of the risks involved in using a Blackberry. However, she continued to use her Blackberry. For some reason, she did not care about the risks.
  3. Clinton aides "paid insufficient attention to laws and regulations governing the handling of classified material and the preservation of government records."
  4. At the start of his presidency Obama said his administration would promote accountability through disclosure of information including work emails. Hillary circumvented this direction by exclusively using a private email system for all of her State Department emails. She deleted nearly 32,000 'non-work related' emails. Who determined they were non-work related? Hillary Clinton. Given the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundations, could they include evidence of illegal activities? Of course. That is why she deleted these items.
  5. Her basement server "email system operated in those first two months without the standard encryption generally used on the Internet to protect communication. . . . Without encryption — a process that scrambles communication for anyone without the correct key — email, attachments and passwords are transmitted in plain text." This oversight left her emails vulnerable to hacking.
  6. "On June 28, 2011, in response to reports that Gmail accounts of government workers had been targeted by 'online adversaries,' a note went out over Clinton’s name urging department employees to 'avoid conducting official Department business from your personal email accounts.' But she herself ignored the warning and continued using her BlackBerry and the basement server."
  7. Clinton has publicly claimed that classified information she sent was only classified after the fact. She is lying about this. “These emails were not retro­actively classified by the State Department,” the inspectors general report said. “Rather these emails contained classified information when they were generated and, according to IC classification officials, that information remains classified today. This classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.”
  8. Jason R. Baron, a former director of litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration, told the Senate Judiciary Committee last year he believed that Clinton’s server ran afoul of the rules. In a memo to the committee, Baron wrote that “the setting up of and maintaining a private email network as the sole means to conduct official business by email, coupled with the failure to timely return email records into government custody, amounts to actions plainly inconsistent with the federal recordkeeping laws.”
  9. “They are on their face sensitive and obviously classified,” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who has read many of the classified emails, told The Post. “This information should have been maintained in the most secure, classified, top-secret servers.”

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

77 Year Old Harrison Ford in Next Indiana Jones Movie

Indiana Jones fans can look forward to 2019 when the fifth Indiana Jones movie will be released. Harrison Ford will be seventy-seven at the time.

There are lots of jokes about what the name of the new movie will be, such as:

Raiders of the Lost Early Bird Specials

Indiana Jones and the Golden Corral, dinner at 4:30

Raiders of the Social Security Trust Fund

Raiders of the Lost AARP

Can you think of a good title? Comment below.

Here is my submission to the suggestions:

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Disney's Zootopia: It's a Gay Parable

Updated June 10, 2016

Zootopia is now out on DVD. My original post was written the weekend the movie came out. Did I get it right? Is Zootopia a gay parable?

March 6, 2016

Disney's new animated movie Zootopia got some great reviews so I decided to see it on opening weekend. In our PC world, the reviewers decided to overlook the obvious message that gays are a persecuted minority who are no different than anyone else and that those who are concerned with how gays are perceived as normal in modern society are bad.

This essay has spoilers.

The knee jerk reaction to my view on the movie may be "Get serious. This is only a movie." "You're over-analyzing it." "The message could mean lots of things. It could be anti-racist." "This is just a homophobic rant."

Movies have messages.There is a clear pro-gay, anti-Christian values message in this movie. It is not about racism, which I will clearly show.

There is a culture war that those with traditional values may be losing, but giving up should not be an option. Traditional values are superior to those advocated by many in the LGBT community. This is not hate. Societies that embrace traditional values are healthier than those who embrace hedonism.

Christians are familiar with parables with meaning beyond just the story. Characters and actions in the parables of Jesus represent things. Jesus picked the elements of his parables on purpose to get his point across. The writers of Zootopia have done the same thing.

Zootopia is written by a team of eight writers. They include many who worked on FrozenFrozen has been embraced by the LGBT community for having a heroine who is different, has a secret others don't understand, and isn't interested in men. Many see "Let It Go" as a gay anthem.

One of the story writers on Zootopia is Phil Johnston whose credits include a raunchy comedy named Cedar Rapids, a curious pedigree for a Disney movie. I haven't seen the movie, but I have read that it is sympathetic to gays.

I recognize that the gay acceptance message is not the only message of the movie. There is also the message that you should reach for your goals and not give up. Nevertheless, notice how much of the movie advances the pro-gay agenda:

  • The villain in the movie is a sheep. Why pick a sheep? The sheep is an animal associated with Christians. Jesus referred to his followers as his sheep. Jesus is called the lamb of God. The sheep is selected as the villain because in the LGBT world view, it is Christians who are the enemy because they condemn LGBT sexual practices as sinful.
  • In the world of Zootopia, predators and their prey now live together in peace. They are the same. They are equal.To believe ugly things about predator behavior based on what was once believed by society is wrong. There is nothing wrong with predators. They won't eat you. This is the message of the modern LGBT community. Past generation may have treated gays as wicked and evil, but they were wrong. Today, everyone should recognize that gays are perfectly normal like everyone else. They won't eat any of your children.
  • Judy Hopps, the main character bunny, is counselled by her traditionalist parents not to trust foxes, because they are predators by nature. They give her fox spray she can use to keep herself safe from foxes. The message here is that the values of parents are dated and bigoted.
  • Nick Wilde, the main character fox, relates a traumatic experience as a young child where he was kicked out of a scout troop for being a predator. This is an blatant swipe at the Boy Scouts for their position on excluding gays. This is not the first time Disney animators have poked fun at the Boy Scouts. In The Emperor's New Groove, Kronk, the party hosting, treat baking, apron wearing, body builder who is in touch with his emotions ends up being a scout leader.
  • Why pick the name Nick Wilde for the fox? Oscar Wilde was a famous homosexual writer and was condemned by society for his behavior. 
  • As the movie progresses, Judy Hopps's parents have reformed and are now partners with a fox who they accept as an equal. What occupation is the fox? A baker. Again the allusion to gays as stereotypical bakers.
  • The evil sheep has a scheme to make the public believe that predators will attack prey. She makes a poison that turns the innocent predators into vicious attackers. The message here is that gays are normal and it is only the Christian's wrong bigoted attacks that can convince the public that there is something wrong with gays. The Christians are wrong. The gays are normal.
  • At one point Judy Hopps proclaims that sometimes predators will attack prey because that is just who they are and they can't help themselves. This is hurtful to Nick Wilde to hear something so mean because predators aren't really predators. They are just like prey. Again, there is nothing different about gays. To think so is bigoted.
  • One of the characters in the movie mentions that life is not a live-happily-ever-after-musical cartoon. That used to be the message of Disney movies. Boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. Not this time. In the end the once-scared-of-foxes bunny becomes the police partner to the fox.
  • The movie ends with an upbeat song entitled "Try Everything." While much of the lyrics has the message that you should not give up and try again if you fail, the choice of words to "try everything" is also, in the context of this movie, an invitation to not limit yourself to a normal lifestyle.
  • And what about the very choice of the title of the movie, Zootopia? It is clear allusion to Utopia, an imagined religion free paradise where everyone is equal and everything is perfect. Isn't that what the LGBT community wants?
Welcome to Disney 2016. Would Walt Disney even recognize where it has gone?

UPDATE 3/28/2016:
In further confirmation of Disney's position to promote the gay agenda over religious liberties, Disney announced that it will no longer do filming in Georgia if Georgia's governor signs a religious liberties bill. Yesterday, Georgia's governor surrendered to this gay bullying.


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