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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why Women Are NOT Equal to Men

For more than two generations the liberal left has pushed the idea that there is no difference between men and women. This is being pushed to extreme by people advocating that anyone should be able to self select which public restrooms and showers to use. The Obama administration is taking steps so that women will have to register for the selective service so if the military draft is ever reinstated, women would have equal chances of being drafted into the armed forces.

In the name of gender equality, we are supposed to ignore the realities of biology. Back in 1992 John Gray wrote the wildly successful relationship book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, a book that has sold more than 50 million copies. Could he get away with writing that book now?  Would it have to be called Men and Women Are from Wherever They Want to Be?

The liberal left rejoices in men and women assuming cross-gender roles. They are especially disparaging of women who want to be full time mothers, even though a child who has the full attention of his/her mother is at a great advantage to the child who is raised by daycare and nannies.

For those unafraid to put down the PC Kool-Aid, it is clear that women are not equal to men. There are somethings women are better at and some things that men are better at. When men and women recognize this, society wins. When men and women ignore this, society loses. Here are some examples of how following liberal leftists ideas turns into unequal results. 
  • The abortion culture is extremely unequal to women. First of all half of all abortions kill women. The availability of abortions encourages women to develop relationships with men who do not value them beyond a object for deriving pleasure. Women also carry the emotional scars and regrets of terminating a life.
  • The single mom culture is extremely unequal to women. The same men who encourage women to abort children are often the same men who refuse to support the mother and children, leaving a woman to raise children alone. This often means higher rates of poverty for the child that will likely continue with the next generation.
  • The cohabitation culture is extremely unequal to women. Related to the single mom culture, the cohabitation culture is overwhelmingly a bad deal for women. Cohabiting couples are more likely to break up than married couples. They are more likely to be unfaithful than married couples. They report poorer relationships and higher depression than married couples. Over time they earn less income and accumulate less wealth than married couples. Lastly they report more problems with substance abuse.
Society is better off when men value women enough to treat them as superior, not equal.
  • We need men who will not abandon their children and leave mothers to raise them alone.
  • We need men who respect women for who they are and not as temporary transactional pleasure objects.
  • We need men who support a spouse's desire to stay home with the children, even if it means fewer niceties.

Let women be women. They are not men.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Math PhD: Why Science Does Not Disprove God

Recently I became aware of an upcoming book named Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed by Douglas Axe. The New Atheists and their fellow travelers already have their knives out to tear it apart, sight unseen.

I am not too impressed with their close minded juvenile arguments. It makes it hard to focus on the legitimate discussion.

I am much more inclined to be persuaded by open minded scholars like Amir Aczel.

I highly recommend that people read Aczel's Why Science Does Not Disprove God. In this 2014 book, Aczel, the math PhD and prolific science author, takes on New Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Lawrence Krauss to task for misusing science to advance their ¨God is not real¨ message.

Aczel's position is basically, ¨I know science. Science is a friend of mine. You're no scientist.¨ He writes chapters on archaeology, the Big Bang, quantum physics, the pre-Big Bang ¨nothingness,¨ the multiverse, probability, chaos, the anthropic principle (he's not a fan), evolution, consciousness, and infinity. In every case Aczel finds that the New Atheists misunderstand or misapply science to push their anti-God agenda. Aczel's position on God's existence is agnostic. He does not take a position that science proves the absolute reality of God. But following the rules of science he must admit that science does show that there could be a God.
Some of my favorite passages from the book include the following . . .

¨So while it is ignorant and unscientific to fail to recognize that evolution is a powerful principle that often explains what we see in the biological sphere, it is equally unjustified to assume that evolution is a perfect theory that explains everything. A theory that cannot produce excellent predictions of future outcomes and phenomena is not a complete theory.¨
¨Science is dispassionate, rational, a logical search for facts and truths about nature and the universe around us. It is the pursuit of the laws of nature, with no agendas to push for any philosophy about who created these laws. But the New Atheists, who claim to speak for science, are more like religious evangelists bent on converting us to their narrow point of view that God does not exist.¨
¨This notion of emergence is one that has been addressed in philosophy, but never explained well by science. We don't know how a universe emerged. We don't know how from chaos and fuzziness and unworldly behavior of the quantum, the structured universe of macro objects we see around us came about, with its causality, locality, and definiteness -- none of which are characteristics of the quantum realm. We don't know how self-replicating life emerged from inanimate objects. And we don't know how and why and at exactly what point in evolution human consciousness became a reality. The inexplicability of such emergent phenomena is the reason why we cannot disprove the idea of some creative power behind everything we experience around us -- at least not at our present state of knowledge.¨
¨We think of the universe as governed by strict logical laws, but in fact quantum theory, and ideas in pure mathematics, are not based only on logic. (German genius mathematician Georg) Cantor's work was governed by psychology almost as much as logic. It is here that we see the human mind transcending the rational and the straightforward. Our minds are based on essentials that go beyond the mechanistic and the evolutionary: they have something extra that allows them to do amazing things that computers, and dogs, and monkeys, cannot. I believe that this mysterious extra element inside our brains -- such as the ability Cantor possessed for dealing with the immense concept of infinity -- is related to the divine.¨
¨We don't fully understand what space is made of, and what the elements of physical space are and how they are stacked together. We don't know the level of infinity of the real line and whether the mathematical line has the properties of physical space. We don't know how space and time were created. We don't know what time really is. We don't know what caused the Big Bang. And we don't know who or what created God. What we do know is that the universe did not come out of the void all by itself: something preceded the Big Bang, and that ¨something¨ is unreachable to our science and may well remain so forever. We know that by strange and mysterious mechanism all the constants of nature turned out to be exactly as they need to be for life to emerge, and the alternatives to a divine control that effected these incredibly unlikely conditions are no more likely than is the existence of God.¨

My own contribution to the possibility of a designer in the creation and evolution of life is the play Inherit the Wind: Overturned by Design (see book link at right). This play reworks the 1950's play Inherit the Wind based on the 1920's Scope's Monkey Trial where evolution is on trial to a 21st century setting where intelligent design is on trial. It was fun to write. It is interesting to see the reaction of some readers who cheer the plot of the original play but turn surly when the tables are turned and ID is debated. Others recognize that there is a debate here that is worth engaging. Related post here.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Diversity Hypocrisy on Campus

While the values espoused by conservatives include hard work, morality, and thrift, one of the most favorite values of liberals is diversity. Unfortunately, this is often a false value that is rarely actually displayed by liberal institutions. For example, higher education is a bastion of liberal thought where diversity is king (or should I say queen in the interests of diversity).

Sadly, the diversity in action is wildly missing when it comes to diversity of thought. The percentage of liberals teaching or administering at most leading universities can be up to ninety percent or more, hardly evidence of diversity.

You may argue that this is because no conservative wants a career in positions such as theater, women's literature, and queer studies but couldn't the universities at least invite conservatives to speak at graduations? In the interest of diversity, we should expect at least half of the commencement speakers to be conservatives, right?

Here is a list of commencement speakers at the leading U.S. universities for 2014, 2015, and 2016. Liberals in blue, conservatives in red.

Ivy League Schools

Brown University - Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian Kevin Grover (2016), Former San Francisco State University President Robert Corrigan (2015) / Writer Isabel Wilkerson, a former NY Times bureau chief and expert on black migration (2014)

Columbia University - The New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet (2016), Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (2015), Actor and Screenwriter Dan Futterman (2014)

Cornell University - Actor James Franco (2016), Former Democrat congresswoman Gabby Giffords (2015), Actor Ed Helm, known for The Office and Hangover. (2014)

Dartmouth College - Liberian human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee (2016), Sometimes conservative New York Times Columnist David Brooks (2015/) / TV Producer Sonda Rhimes, known for Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and President Barack Obama appointed her to serve as a trustee for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts appointed by Barack Obama (2014)

Harvard University - Liberal filmmaker Stephen Spielberg (2016), Liberal former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (2015) / Liberal former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2014)

Princeton University - Liberal novelist Jodi Picoult (2016), Liberal Director Christopher Nolan (2015) / Former Vice President Al Gore the climate change prophet (2014)

University of Pennsylvania - Hamilton playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda (2016), Samantha Powers, US Ambassador to the United Nations (2015), Singer John Legend, known for supporting Earth Institute's sustainable development and AIDS Service Center NYC (2014)

Yale University - Samantha Powers, US Ambassador to the United Nations (2016), Vice President Joe Biden (2015), Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry (2014)

Other Top Line Schools

Duke University - Mike Krzyzewki, basketball coach (2106), Paul Farmer, CEO, Partners in Health, social justice champion (2015), General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2014)

John Hopkins University - Liberal filmmaker Spike Lee (2016), Pixar President Ed Catmull, Democrat contributor (2015), YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Democratic fund raiser (2014)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Liberal actor Matt Damon (2016), Megan Smith, CTO of United States appointed by Barack Obama (2015), Dupont CEO Ellen Kullman, 61% of political donations made to Democrats (2014)

Northwestern University - Liberal talk show host Seth Meyers (2016), alumni IBM CEO Virginia Rometty (2015), Conductor Riccardo Muti, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (2014)

Stanford University - Liberal filmmaker Ken Burns (2016), Liberal NBC News correspondent Richard Engel (2015) / Liberal philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates (2014)

Tufts University - Liberal comedian Hank Azaria (2016), Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton's Secretary of State (2015), Anne Marie Slaughter, former Democrat State Department official (2014)

University of California Berkeley - Facebook exec and Hillary supporter Sheryl Sandberg (2016), CEO Marc Benioff, regular Democrat campaign contributor (2015), Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (2014)

University of Southern California -  Oracle Corporation Founder Larry Ellison (2016), Chicago investment fund president and big Democrat campaign donor Mellody Hobson (2015), CEO Marc Benioff, regular Democrat campaign contributor (2014)

University of Notre Dame - Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker John Boehner (2016), BBC Chairman Chris Patten, former Conservative member of Parliament (2014 rescheduled to 2015 due to health reasons)

University of Rochester - Actor Erica Fee (2016), Education strategist Deborah Bial (founder and president of The Posse Foundation) (2015), Liberal CNN commentator Chris Matthews (2014)

Wake Forest University - Interfaith Youth Core found and Barack Obama appointee Eboo Patel (2016), Stephen Colbert, Comedian (2015), Jill Abramson, executive editor, New York Times (2014)

Williams and Mary -  US Women's Soccer Coach Jill Ellis (2016), Condoleezza Rice, Bush Secretary of State (2015), Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry (2014)

So, out of 20 top schools, only six conservative speakers in the past three years were invited to speak to graduates, only one if you focus on Ivy League schools.

Where is the diversity?

Not at our most prestigious universities.

Liberals seek a diversity of gender, sexual orientation, or skin color, but the last thing they want is a diversity of thinking.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama Sends Men Into Women's Showers

In the classic TV comedy M*A*S*H, Corporal Klinger's plan to get out of the army was to wear dresses, which would clearly show that he was crazy and should not be allowed in the army.

Yesteryear's comedy is today's reality. The Obama administration is demanding that all schools open the women's restrooms and showers to men.  All they have to do is claim they are transgender.

Until the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders edition, Gender Identity Disorder was considered a mental illness in the DSM used by psychologists. This is no longer the case. The DSM has once again decided that being politically correct was more important than pursuing science. This happened before in the early 1970's when a political vote removed homosexuality as a mental condition from the DSM rather than debating peer reviewed science research.

Despite the relabeling, knowledgeable experts are not convinced. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, once the John Hopkins Hospital psychiatrist-in-chief and currently a Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry is plain spoken. He says transgenderism is a mental disorder and sex change is biologically impossible. A sex change is not the solution these people need. He has noticed that people who have had sex change operations have a suicide rate 20 times greater than the non-transgender population. Gender change is not the solution to the problem and only makes things worse.

There are rumblings from Caitlyn Jenner that (s)he may not be all that pleased with masquerading as a woman. This is actually quite common as noted by Dr. Meg Meeker.

Dr. Meg Meeker is another advocate for not ignoring the science and not appeasing to the propaganda of the LGBTQ advocates. In her practice, dealing with non-celebrity transgender patients, she has observed that most people with gender identity disorder are not happier after changing their self identified gender. In fact, many who change gender, later change back, showing that it is not a cut-and-dried-no-choice condition. Dr. Meeker's view is that being transgender is just a symptom to a more complicated problem, one that is not helped by surgical mutilation. She is particularly concerned when children are encouraged to decide they are the wrong gender. The science tells her that sexual orientation is not solidified until someone is an adult.

The LGBTQ community, with it's allies in Hollywood and increasingly the main stream media, and Democrat Party are moving on from their victories regarding gay marriage. As you can see from the higher positive profile being given to transgendered individuals, there is a concerted attempt to normalize an even more bizarre fringe behavior. The goal is drive mass opinion to accept gender identity disorder as a positive thing and to label those that disagree as haters.

This is unfortunate, since the very people they think they are unburdening, are the ones that are not getting the professional help they need.

Transgender people should not be bullied, but we shouldn't allow bathroom laws meant to accommodate them to at the same time basically open bathrooms and showers to anyone of the opposite sex. Transgenders are being very selfish. They are putting their disorder created needs above that of women and girls who prefer not to share shower space with men who claim to be women.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The top 14 Obama Photos We Will Remember . . .

Updated 9-19-16

Only four more months to endure the era of Obama.

What photos will define the Obama presidency?

Here are my suggestions:
Golfer in Chief

Girlie Bike Man


Michelle is not amused

Where is that reset button now?

Devil horns

O Bow ma

Consorting with the traitor Bergdahl's parents

Selfie Man

One is Obama, the other is Satan

Who's the clown waving to the camera in this heads of state photo?

The dignity of the office

Why respect the Star Spangled Banner?
He was Colin Kaepernicking before Colin Kaepernick 

After a day dealing with Republican congress

What photo of Obama will you remember the most?

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