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Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama Sends Men Into Women's Showers

In the classic TV comedy M*A*S*H, Corporal Klinger's plan to get out of the army was to wear dresses, which would clearly show that he was crazy and should not be allowed in the army.

Yesteryear's comedy is today's reality. The Obama administration is demanding that all schools open the women's restrooms and showers to men.  All they have to do is claim they are transgender.

Until the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders edition, Gender Identity Disorder was considered a mental illness in the DSM used by psychologists. This is no longer the case. The DSM has once again decided that being politically correct was more important than pursuing science. This happened before in the early 1970's when a political vote removed homosexuality as a mental condition from the DSM rather than debating peer reviewed science research.

Despite the relabeling, knowledgeable experts are not convinced. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, once the John Hopkins Hospital psychiatrist-in-chief and currently a Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry is plain spoken. He says transgenderism is a mental disorder and sex change is biologically impossible. A sex change is not the solution these people need. He has noticed that people who have had sex change operations have a suicide rate 20 times greater than the non-transgender population. Gender change is not the solution to the problem and only makes things worse.

There are rumblings from Caitlyn Jenner that (s)he may not be all that pleased with masquerading as a woman. This is actually quite common as noted by Dr. Meg Meeker.

Dr. Meg Meeker is another advocate for not ignoring the science and not appeasing to the propaganda of the LGBTQ advocates. In her practice, dealing with non-celebrity transgender patients, she has observed that most people with gender identity disorder are not happier after changing their self identified gender. In fact, many who change gender, later change back, showing that it is not a cut-and-dried-no-choice condition. Dr. Meeker's view is that being transgender is just a symptom to a more complicated problem, one that is not helped by surgical mutilation. She is particularly concerned when children are encouraged to decide they are the wrong gender. The science tells her that sexual orientation is not solidified until someone is an adult.

The LGBTQ community, with it's allies in Hollywood and increasingly the main stream media, and Democrat Party are moving on from their victories regarding gay marriage. As you can see from the higher positive profile being given to transgendered individuals, there is a concerted attempt to normalize an even more bizarre fringe behavior. The goal is drive mass opinion to accept gender identity disorder as a positive thing and to label those that disagree as haters.

This is unfortunate, since the very people they think they are unburdening, are the ones that are not getting the professional help they need.

Transgender people should not be bullied, but we shouldn't allow bathroom laws meant to accommodate them to at the same time basically open bathrooms and showers to anyone of the opposite sex. Transgenders are being very selfish. They are putting their disorder created needs above that of women and girls who prefer not to share shower space with men who claim to be women.

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