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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Police Double Standard: Gays Win, Christians Lose

A couple of years ago I wrote about a Christian police officer who requested that he not be forced to ride his motorcycle at the front of the Salt Lake Gay Pride Day parade. He felt this high profile assignment would make it appear that he was riding in support of the parade. He asked to work a lower-profile assignment like he did in previous years, but was refused with the Salt Lake City Police Department stating it would not put up with bigotry. (Despite Utah's reputation as a conservative state, Salt Lake City government has been run by liberal Democrats for years.) Perhaps sensing he had been left with a target on his career, the police officer has since resigned.

Now today the local KUTV news is reporting this same police department is overlooking a gay officers anti-religious rant and he is even in line for a promotion.

His Facebook rant said in part:

"If you've expressed support for the Mormon church in the last couple of days I'll be deleting you. I find their rhetoric offensive, their policies bigoted and their Christianity flawed. If this offends you; good. You aren't a martyr for supporting that church, you're an [expletive deleted]. I spend enough of my time cleaning up the excrement of society, I refuse to tolerate it from my friends."

It seems that as far as the Salt Lake City Police Department goes, it is perfectly fine with anti-religious bigotry, but if you choose not to participate in leading a gay pride parade you are a bigot.

How is this not a double standard? Once again, the left is hypocritical in championing diversity and free speech. The left does all it can to avoid diversity if it involves Christian values. Its goal is to remove free speech of Christians from the public square.

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