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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What is your Intelligent Design Tribe?

The way I see it, you can learn a lot about intelligent design by knowing the tribe of the person commenting on it. These are the ID tribes I have noticed:

  1. The Young Earther Tribe. This group is committed to a literal interpretation of the Bible as they see it, meaning that the earth can be no older than 6,000 years. They dismiss ID because ID does not disagree with the geological evidence that the earth is billions of years old and that life has existed for millions of years. Prominent tribe member: Henry Morris
  2. The God of Evolution Tribe. This group believes that God created the universe and life on earth, but they are open to possible creation through evolution. Prominent tribe member: Eric Metaxas
  3. The Unknown Designer Tribe. This group is agnostic about whether the God of Christianity created the universe and life, but they recognize that randomness makes a poor explanation for the arrival of life and new species. They believe the evidence in evolution points to the involvement of a designer, but no claim is made that it is the God of the Bible. Prominent tribe member: Stephen Meyer
  4. The Clueless Tribe. This group doesn’t even know what intelligent design is. This is probably the largest tribe in America given the average American’s interest in science. Prominent tribe member: Miley Cyrus
  5. The Rational Science Tribe. This tribe is not tied to either intelligent design or random evolution. They are open to reviewing all arguments without bias. You often find members of the Darwiniac Tribe and Evangelical Atheists Tribe masquerading as this tribe but they stay closed minded to the ID position. Prominent tribe member: Amir Aczel
  6. The Darwiniac Tribe. This group worships Charles Darwin. No matter how much the advancement of science shows how much Darwin got wrong, they still find a way to pronounce Darwin was right so ID must be wrong. Prominent tribe member: The public school system.
  7. The Evangelical Atheists Tribe. This group is more interested in promoting atheism and tearing down religion than seriously examining intelligent design. They regularly label every type of ID supporters as Young Earthers. They are more interested in name calling than engaging in a science discussion. They find it easier to claim that ID is not science - end of discussion. This Tribe has the most to lose if ID gains support. Their worldview is built on a Godless foundation where morals are relative and believers are fools. Prominent tribe member: Richard Dawkins

What is your Intelligent Design Tribe?

My own contribution to the possibility of a designer in the creation and evolution of life is the play Inherit the Wind: Overturned by Design (see book link at right). This play reworks the 1950's play Inherit the Wind based on the 1920's Scope's Monkey Trial where evolution is on trial to a 21st century setting where intelligent design is on trial. It was fun to write. It is interesting to see the reaction of some readers who cheer the plot of the original play but turn surly when the tables are turned and ID is debated. Others recognize that there is a debate here that is worth engaging. Related post here.

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