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Monday, June 13, 2016

Why were there no mass shooters in the wild west?

Liberals continue to display their irrationality and ignorance of history by demanding greater gun control as the key to eliminating mass shootings. They prefer a burdensome big brother solution that removes personal liberties and protection. 

Before liberals ran the country, America did not have a problem with single gunmen going on killing sprees. Anyone crazy enough to start shooting people would soon realize that his victims were no unarmed sheep. They would shoot back.

Will the liberal leftists ever learn? Probably not, they are liberal leftists after all.

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1 comment:

  1. 9-12-14 (2137) 2nd Amendment and gun control~~~~~~Michael Slavin Sr.

    The lowest rate of gun violence in our nation’s history was between 1865 and 1903. Why? Because "open carry" was the norm and unless someone was crazy (in which they should be 6 feet under anyways) NO ONE was going to attempt to rob those that were armed, or walk in when they would be outgunned in most situations.

    The cities/states with the strictest gun laws are coupled with the highest murder rates.