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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Main Reason Hillary is Avoiding a Press Conference

As of this writing Hillary Clinton is eight months without a press conference with no announced plans to have one in the future. There is one good reason why she is avoiding such an event: she doesn't want to answer any questions about Clinton Foundation related emails that she deleted. If the Clinton Foundation was such a great thing, then why did it go totally unmentioned by anyone speaking at the Democratic Convention?

This is a question Hillary would not wanted asked:

"Secretary Clinton, among the 30,000 emails you deleted from your server, were any of them related to donors to the Clinton Foundation who have benefited from government rulings you supported while serving as Secretary of State? The FBI will not comment on a possible investigation of Clinton Foundation improprieties. Given the need to avoid any appearance of pay to play, why delete documentation that would prove your innocence regarding any Clinton Foundation irregularities?"

Now that Hillary Clinton has dodged an indictment it is important to remember the whole reason she was controlling access to her emails. Without a doubt her email server contained questionable emails regarding contributors to the Clinton Foundation that would show evidence of pay to play. Deleting evidence was crucial to keeping even worse information from getting out. If you haven't read it yet, put the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer on your reading list.

If you don't have time to read it, watch this excellent movie based on the book.

Clinton Cash is a devastating revelation of Hillary Clinton's lack of qualifications for the presidency. With 55 pages of small print endnotes, Schweizer's book passes all credibility tests (The New York Times fact checked the correctness of his finding).

Disturbingly, much of the contents of this book are only public knowledge due to leaked information that was meant to stay secret. Read this book and you will receive confirmation of the following:

  1. The Clintons Shamelessly Transact Business with Criminals. In chapter after chapter Schweizer names dozens of criminals who have donated money to the Clintons.
  2. The Clintons Associate with Human Rights Abusers. Despots from countries like Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo get government favors from the United States thanks to the intervention of Bill and Hillary. In return the Clinton Foundation rakes in big money and Bill gets six figure payments for making speeches.
  3. The Clintons Will Abandon Core Believes for a Big Payoff. The Clinton's were against nuclear proliferation until they were for it. What changed? Agents acting on behalf of Indian interests donated big dollars to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees to Bill. Hillary made sure the State Department approved India's increased access to nuclear resources. In Columbia, Hillary got approval for a Clinton Foundation donor to run a lumber operation in an area which had previously banned such activities. So much for being environmentally friendly. Also in Columbia, Hillary flipped from opposing to supporting a free trade agreement when the Clintons got millions from Columbian donors.
  4. The Clintons Will Siphon Away Money Needed in Third World Countries. Both the Clinton Foundation and its donors have benefited from money pulled out of poor countries to line the pockets of the Clintons and their rich friends. Aren't there enough rich people to solicit for donations? Why the need to extract millions from countries lacking the funds to make needed structural improvements?
  5. Secretary Hillary Would Approve Questionable Deals And Bill Would Rack In Related Big Speaking Fees. A Canadian firm needed State Department approval to keep the Keystone XL pipeline project moving forward. Hillary made the approval. Bill earned more than a million dollars from this firm for a series of speeches. In another example, Hillary approved a Swedish firm to sell banned products to Iran. The firm then paid Bill $750,000 for a speech.
  6. The Rules Don't Apply to The Clinton. The Obama administration required that Hillary report any potential conflicts of interest from Clinton Foundation donation and her State Department actions. On multiple occasions the Clintons decided to not report conflicts.
  7. The Clintons Are Incompetent Managers. The Clintons took the lead role in managing the Haitian relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake. Hillary arranged for the relief funds to run through the State Department. Then instead of hiring experienced emergency relief experts, she funneled the money through the Clinton Foundation who assigned contracts to Clinton cronies (including Hillary's brother) with no construction competence. Instead of building much needed housing for an economical price, the relief money lined the pockets of Clinton donors.
The saddest part about the revelations in this book is that they did not end the career of Hillary Clinton. She has destroyed evidence that would provide more information about these questionable actions. The mainstream media refuses to demand she explain her unethical behavior, but Hillary has to be sure. By avoiding any press conferences Hillary can avoid any chance that this important story get the attention int deserves.

What a travesty.

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