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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Batman's Butt - Hollywood vs Your Family

Last year a new online company VidAngel began selling movies and TV shows online via streaming that would allow their owners to mute objectionable language or skip over objectionable scenes.

Many a family has gone to the movies and afterwards someone says, "I liked the show, but I wish the language wasn't as bad." or "That was a pretty good movie, except for that one scene." VidAngel makes it possible for people to now watch a version of their movie in their own home without the parts they don't want.

VidAngel's business model is simple. They sell you the movie you want to watch for $20. You can then set filters to mute or skip the stuff you don't want. You can keep the movie in your library, or you can sell it back for $19 within 24 hours. It's a win-win-win. Hollywood sells a copy of their movie, VidAngel adds value by providing editing services, and the viewer gets to see the movie he/she wants.

Only it is not a win-win-win, because Hollywood doesn't like the arrangement.

In June, Disney, Warner Brothers, and other studios threatened legal action against VidAngel for copyright infringement.

The chargers are ludicrous.

VidAngel's actions are completely in line with the 2005 Family Movie Act. This act gives editing services the green light for ‘making imperceptible (i.e., filtering)… of limited portions of audio or video… transmitted [e.g., streamed] to [a] household for private viewing, from an authorized copy of the motion picture.’ It does not violate the Copyright Act.

The real reason for the Hollywood challenge is that the liberal studios don't want families deciding for themselves what they want to watch in their own homes. They want you to listen to bad language that you would not allow a guest to use in your home. They want you to see violence that you would not allow in your home. They want you to see people in various states of undress that you would not allow in your home.

That's just wrong.

If people follow the rules in your home and behave to your standards, then they are welcome. VidAngel makes it possible for more people to see Hollywood movies and TV shows. VidAngel's customers are people who would not watch the movies in their original form. Hollywood makes more money when this happens, but they are against it.

Note that Hollywood is not opposed to editing movies when they are shown on network TV or airlines. They make money from these cleaner versions. However, for years Hollywood has refused to sell these clean versions to families that don't want to see rated R or rated PG13 material.  Now VidAngel is filling the gap and Hollywood is whining about it.

The liberal left is not opposed to censoring. Notice how they ban conservatives from college campuses. There is even a version of Huckleberry Finn with all usage of the n-word removed.

The liberal left is also not opposed to making films even less family friendly by released DVDs that have a stricter rating or are unrated so they can include scenes not in the original movie.  Batman V Superman is a recent example. There is a new DVD version that comes with more violence and a quick peek at Ben Afleck's butt in the shower. It also adds many scenes with Superman that were left out of the theater version.

What if you want to see the extra scenes with Superman, but could do without Batman's butt seared into your brain?  With VidAngel it is possible.

Let's hope Hollywood's crazy challenge gets thrown out of court. Everyone should be able to decide what they want to watch in the privacy of their own homes with movies they own.

One more thing: VidAngel also allows owners to edit out Jar Jar Binks.  Brilliant! It is now possible to watch the Star Wars movies without ever seeing Jar Jar.

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