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Monday, August 8, 2016

Major Difference Between Trump and Clinton...

Happy Halloween!

Anyone else notice this difference?

After watching the VP debate, we can see why Hillary picked Tim Kaine: Unlikable and Unlikable 2.

Who matches up best with Hillary from the Harry Potter world?

Marc Thiessen pointed out an interesting fact in a recent Washington Post opinion piece. Turns out more people in America believe in Bigfoot than believe that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

Hillary Clinton was caught on video having a neurological event so she had to spin the media on why. Turns out she had pneumonia and it was made worse because she doesn't like to drink water. I wonder why?

The internet is rampant with claims that Hillary is using a double to help hide her medical problems. Just who could this double be?

Is there any reason why you destroy cell phones if not to keep others from see what is on them? Old phones should have been turned over to the State Department to dispose of, but when has Hillary Clinton ever followed the rules everyone else has to?

I was going to create a meme about this, but then I found one I had not seen before that already covered what I wanted to point out.

Enjoy these original Hillary memes . . .
Nice company.

In a famous scene from the movie Casablanca, Claude Rains' character expresses faux shock that there is gambling going on in Rick's bar. What would he say about the Associated Press report that Hillary Clinton was granting easy State Department Access to foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation?

So, after lying about a phony night attack on Americans in a foreign country, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte looses his endorsement deals with Airweave, Gentle Hair Removal, Speedo, and Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, after lying about a real night attack on Americans (that actually killed people) in a foreign country, congenital liar Hillary Clinton keeps her endorsements and is a favorite to win the presidency. As Trump likes to say, "The system is rigged!"

Those who can't bring themselves to vote for Trump see it this way:

This one needs no further explanation. As Donald Trump would say, "Sad."

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