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Monday, August 29, 2016

Palmer & Kaepernick: The Legend & The Loser

The world lost a legend with the recent passing of Arnold Palmer. Is there any greater contrast between the class and grace of Arnold Palmer and the crass and disgrace of Colin Kaepernick?
Even after Palmer was past his prime he continued to be a beloved ambassador of the sport of golf and he remained humble and grateful that his talents were recognized and rewarded by the country that he loved. By contrast, now that Kaepernick is past his prime, he has chosen to support a misguided movement that focuses the blame on police when the actual cause of violence in black communities is due to the breakdown of marriage and the lack of responsible fathers serving as law abiding role models.

Colin Kaepernick recently dishonored the National Anthem by failing to stand while it was played. This action was to point out ill treatment of blacks in America. Kaepernick is proving to be as poor a thinker off the field as on the field.

Kapernick is a multi-millionaire surrounded by hundreds of other black NFL millionaires. He was adopted and raised by white parents. Can anyone name another nation where blacks have more opportunities to succeed than America? Racism is a minor issue in 2016.

If America is so bad for blacks, why have more blacks immigrated to the United States than were ever brought here as slaves?

The sad facts are that actions like Kaepernick's take the focus away from the root problems that are the source of the terrible conditions among many black people. The real thing Kaepernick and others should focus on is the dissolution of families in black America. Black babies are aborted in higher rates than any other race. Black men wouldn't become responsible fathers by marrying the mothers of their children. Black teens turn to gangs to meet their needs because of their broken homes. Black drug abuse is rampant, which can also be traced to broken homes. The Black Lives Matter movement complaining about the abuses of police, ignores the much greater problem of black on black violence. The crisis is rooted in failure in the home. Black kids raised by married parents, such as Kaepernick, don't have anywhere near the risk for problems as those who suffer from uncommitted or missing parents.

In all likelihood, Kaepernick will soon be history since his one promising career has floundered.

Too bad there are not more NFL heroes like Pat Tillman who quit the NFL after 9/11 to join the U.S. Army Rangers. He was sadly killed in action in Afghanistan. 

Kaepernick is a Zero. Tillman is a Hero.

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