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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump and Hillary Sing a Duet! - Unelectable

In the 1990's Natalie Cole introduced the timeless classic "Unforgettable" to a new generation when she recorded a duet with the voice of her father Nat King Cole.

It is time to redo this classic again.

This time with new lyrics and with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton singing together.


Trump: Unelectable, that's what you are

Hillary: Unelectable, both near and far

Trump: Like a cloud of stink that clings to me
           How the thought of you does things to me
           Never before has someone been more

Hillary: Unelectable in every way

Trump: And forevermore

Hillary: And forevermore

Trump: That's how you'll stay

Hillary: That's how you'll stay

Both: That's why dingbat, it's perceptible
         That someone so unelectable
         Thinks that I am unelectable too

[Musical interlude]

Hillary: No, never before has someone been more
           Ooh unelectable

Trump: Unelectable

Hillary: In every way

Trump: In every way

Hillary: And forevermore

Trump: And forevermore

Hillary: That's how you'll stay

Trump: That's how you'll stay

Both: That's why dingbat, it's perceptible
         That someone so unelectable
         Thinks that I am unelectable too.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Books Hillary Hates

There is a cottage industry of books that give us a good idea of what Hillary Clinton is really like. Here are 5 books she does not want you to read.

Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary by Edward Klein

As a long time east-coast writer for established left-wing publications, Klein has access to many of the people who run in the same circles as the Clintons. This book gives the behind-the-scenes anecdotes of how two-faced Hillary Clinton is. She is not the brilliant loving grandmother she would like people to believe. She is a mean-spirited, foul-mouthed, conniving, lying, narcissistic, unaccomplished, petty-minded, ill-tempered, greedy woman (plus a few other adjectives I left out). No wonder she is so unlikeable.

Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich by Peter Schweizer

To the disappointment of Clinton sycophants, the author is not some biased conservative hack. Peter Schweizer is an experienced. dogged investigative journalist who has done the country an important service to expose the questionable activities the Clintons have taken to enrich themselves in the past 14 years.The book has over 50 pages of small print endnotes. The New York Times was unable to dispute Schweizer's claims.

The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents by Ronald Kessler

In this history of the Secret Service, Hillary is shown to be, next to Lyndon Johnson, the worst White House residence - mean, spiteful, secretive, standoffish, bossy, profane, haughty, and vindictive. Those who believe the media packaged version she presents to the media don't know the real Hillary.

The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House by Kate Anderson Brower

Interviews with the employees who work in the residence section of the White House reveal that Hillary Clinton was a foul-mouthed, bossy, self-centered prima dona.

Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate by Gary J. Bryne

Bryne was the uniformed Secret Service officer on guard while Bill Clinton was engaged in his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His testimony was part of the Starr Report. He observed that the Clintons were a phony couple. The only time they would act like a normal married couple was when they were on camera or trying to impress (i.e., deceive) someone. He noticed that they acted like mob bosses, with little regard for others, their office, or the interests of the American people. Disturbingly, Bryne claims that the Clintons did many things much worse than the Lewinsky scandal, but we will never know what these were because the Clintons are protected by vows of secrecy required of Secret Service employees.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pamela Anderson Surprise. Unwanted Booze Sent to Your Home.

Just a week ago Rabbi Schmuley Boteach and multi-decade Playboy centerfold Pamela Anderson teamed up to write a Wall Street Journal editorial Take the Pledge: No More Indulging Porn.  

Earlier this year Time Magazine made the porn epidemic their cover story. This year Utah became the first state in the nation to pass a congressional resolution signed by the governor that identifies pornography as a public health crisis.

The easy access to salacious images on smart phones and other mobile devices combined with increasing violent, demeaning, and disturbing portrayal of women is a trend that can ruin lives. As a society, why do we put up with it? Shouldn't we have a right to porn-free internet?

What if the following happened to you?

The doorbell rings and you find the mailman bringing an unexpected delivery.

¨Here is the liquor and cigarettes for your house,¨ he says, pushing past you with a dolly loaded with boxes of vodka, brandy, whiskey, and cartons of cigarettes.

¨Excuse me, I did not order any of this stuff," you say. ¨You can take this all back out.¨

¨I'm sorry, I can't do that,¨ the mailman says, unloading the dolly and heading back to the front door.

¨There's been a big mistake,¨ you say. ¨I don't drink and I don't smoke. I didn't order this and I'm not paying for it. Take it out.¨

The mailman smiles, but makes no attempt to remove the boxes. ¨If you don't drink or smoke, you don't have to pay for any of this stuff. You only pay for what you use. As you may know, the post office has been losing money on regular mail delivery, so we've teamed up with the alcohol and tobacco industries. They've been losing customers too, so this is a win-win-win-win. The post office makes money, drinkers and smokers get their drinks and smokes delivered to their home, the alcohol and tobacco industries pick up new customers, and if you don't use these products, you don't pay anything.¨

¨But I've got kids in the house,¨ you say. ¨I don't want this addictive stuff in my house where my kids can get to it.¨

¨Well then you better lock it up.¨

¨I don't have a cabinet to lock it up in and I don't want to pay to buy one. But that's besides the point. I want it out of here.¨

The mailman frowns. ¨I think you are being unreasonable. The only way to not have this delivered to your home is to cancel your mail service altogether.¨

Are you getting mad yet?

Your response: ¨You're telling me that unless I allow you to deliver unwanted liquor and cigarettes, you won't bring me mail anymore? This is nuts. Where did you get such a stupid idea and think you could get away with it?¨

¨It's not such a stupid idea,¨ the mailman says. ¨We are just using the same business model used by the cable and internet industries. If you order cable, you can't pick and choose which basic channels you get. Do you think MTV would have as many viewers if parents weren't forced to included it with their subscription? And if you could order internet without any porn sites, how would this major segment of the economy reach it's customers? That's just the way it is. Fair is fair. If questionable TV networks and websites are allowed into people's homes even if unwanted, it is only reasonable that questionable products be granted the same access. Goodbye and have a nice day.¨

I am not advocating censorship or curbing free speech, but I do believe that people should be able to keep out TV channels that are harmful to children (MTV's VMA Miley Cyrus fiasco?). We should also be able to have access to the internet without worrying that our children or even adults will see porn. People are disgusted and all jump out of the pool when they see a piece of excrement, and rightly so. Shouldn't we react the same when we see filth in the pool of entertainment?

Please forward a link to this blog to your friends and family so more people will learn how to address this destructive situation.  It is issues like this that are perfect for social media. Do your part to eliminate unwanted access to harmful media.

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