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Thursday, October 6, 2016

School Bus Stopped From Playing Christian Music

As first reported by the CBS affiliate in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a Siloam Springs bus driver has been banned from playing the bus radio on a Christian music station. Rack up another win for the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation which forced the school district to stop school children from listening to the "harmful" music of popular Christian singers.

Music has long been a favorite pastime of youth. Parents have been concerned for years about the messages that are prevalent in popular music. Top forty songs promote promiscuity, immodesty, drug use, drinking, misogyny, and many other questionable and debasing behaviors. Christian music is a breath of fresh air with messages of hope, charity, and faith. Based on the action of the school district, listening to Christian music is a dangerous activity that must be suppressed at all cost.

What is next, finding a bus route that will avoid passing churches with message signs out front? Will a bus driver be forced to remove an heirloom cross worn around the neck? Will the children who "suffered" from listening to Christian music be provided with counseling to help recover from the "damage"?

How disappointing that the spineless school district surrendered without a fight. Religion should not be banned from the public square, especially in the form of generic music with a positive message for all. Whenever stuff like this happens, the future of America is darkened.

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