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Monday, October 24, 2016

Secrets to Democrat Campaign Success

Donald Trump is making his claim that "The election is rigged" a standard part of his stump speech. The main stream media is quick to dismiss his whining, but Trump is not entirely wrong. Democrats have made an art of adding questionable votes to the ballot box for years. This record of election fraud has been carefully documented by John Fund in a series of books including: Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy (2008), and Who's Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk (2012)

Election fraud was also a chapter in Tom Fitton's Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies (2016) which I rate the Must Read Book of the Year.

Let's hope the election is not close so that Democrats won't be able to tip the scales with their election manipulations that allow the counting of illegal ballots.

In a year when all economic and foreign relations markers should point to an easy Republican presidential race victory, the Republicans stand a very good chance of losing.

When the history of the 2016 election is written, the main blame for the under-performing of the Republican party will be the horrible selection of Donald Trump as its presidential candidate.

In 2012, Republicans picked a candidate of impeccable character. The Democrat had to tell the lie that Romney was an out-of-touch robber baron when in reality he was a generous philanthropist.

In 2016, Republicans picked a candidate of immoral character. The Democrats only had to tell the truth to turn off voters. The lewd bus recordings may prove to be the straw that broke Trump's back if the election results show he lost big tie with women voters. The Democrats will be able to thank their allies at NBC for sitting on this story until October instead of releasing it when Trump was running for the Republican nomination so voters could have picked someone else.

For the first 33 Republican primaries Trump couldn't break 50% of the vote. In other words, the majority of Republicans wanted someone else. Could it be that the voters in the majority of the states knew that Trump would be a disaster?

Trump may still win, but it won't be because he earned it. He'd be the most despised person ever elected to be president.

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