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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Real Climate Change Caused by Liberals...

Hillary Clinton is blaming Hurricane Michael on climate change. 

This is nothing new. 

For at least a generation, the liberal establishment has been preaching the doom and gloom message of first, global warming, and when evidence proved missing, climate change. They claim that over the past century, due to the damaging actions of man, the world is on a path to ruin. They want to force people to stop using fossil fuels and use carbon taxes to collect revenue from those they perceive as using too much energy. They think that getting people to drive electric cars and stopping the development of third world countries will stop climate change. Fortunately, most people recognize that any action taken is unlikely to have measurable results, besides making one feel better. 

However, I must agree that there has been a climate change, only it is not the one liberals usually worry about.
  • Eighty years ago, homes had married couples living together and raising children together. 
  • Eighty years ago, the vast majority of young people did not think promiscuity was acceptable. 
  • Eighty years ago, music was family friendly and not laced with profanity. 
  • Eighty years ago, movies were geared to all audiences and not filled with offensive material. 
  • Eighty years ago, families had books, pianos and radio programs for home entertainment instead of violent, time-wasting TV and video games. 
  • Eighty years ago, people lived within their means and elected a government that did the same.
Sadly, this is the real climate change we have seen in America. Liberals like to say that we have the capacity to change, to protect ourselves, to use our intelligence for the good of the planet and its inhabitants. Good point, but let's not waste resources trying to control the weather. Let's focus on addressing moral climate change, where our actions can have real results.

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