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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cruz on Supreme Court Through 2060?

With an existing opening on the Supreme Court, people are wondering who President Trump will appoint to take Justice Scalia's place. Ted Cruz's name is coming up and would make an excellent choice for many reasons.
  1. It would shore up Trump's support from conservatives.
  2. It would gain immediate support from the Senate. Senator Cruz is obnoxious and disliked, you know that sir. He has few friends in the Senate and they would be glad to see him go.
  3. It would take out any chance that Trump's most serious Republican 2016 challenger would be a possible 2020 challenge. Obama made Hillary Clinton Secretary of State for much of the same reasons.
  4. No one can doubt Cruz's impeccable qualifications for the job. He has argued multiple successful cases before the Supreme Court.
  5. Cruz is scary smart. He could effectively argue for Constitutional principles with less principled justices.
  6. Cruz is 45 years old. Realistically, he could still be on the Supreme Court in 2060 when he would be 89 years old. That is 11 presidential election cycles. Going back 11 cycles is 1972. That's a wonderful long time and would lock up a conservative seat on the court for decades. William O. Douglas holds the record having served for 36 years after taking the bench at age 40. With advances in live expectancy, Cruz making headlines in 2060 is not far fetched.

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