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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Must Read Book of the Year

This book covers many of the political scandals that have come to light during the Obama presidency. Of note is that many of these scandals would never have become known to the general public without the work of Judicial Watch to request government records through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Despite a promise that his would be the most transparent administration ever, Obama has done the opposite and has fought every effort to reveal actions that have been against the best interest of the general public.

There are chapters that cover Benghazi, Hillary's email cover-up, Fast and Furious, voter fraud, Obamacare, The IRS actions against conservative groups, immigration and border enforcement, and terrorism.

Those who follow politics will be familiar with much of the information covered, but it is sobering to realize that without the work of Judicial Watch, much of the government corruption would go uncovered and unnoticed.

One story that I was not familiar with was the steps taken by someone in Congress on behalf of their 20,000 employees to make them eligible for Obamacare subsidies that were only supposed to be used by small businesses with less than 50 employees! At least $77 million in funds that were supposed to be used by businesses with less than 50 employees were instead used by employees who work for Congress. This is a perfect case of insiders not needing to follow the laws that everyone else follows. Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request to see who originated this fraudulent action. When the document came back, the approver's name was blacked out. When Judicial Watch took further steps to find out whose name it was, their efforts were denied by all the Democrats on the approval committee joined by enough Republicans to end Judicial Watch's efforts to discover who was the instigator of this fraud. Judicial Watch is still pursuing this travesty through the courts.

This is a book that all voters should have to read to recognize the corruption that seems to be rampant in Washington.

Highly recommended. Put it on your reading list. You won't be sorry.

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