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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The 3 People Who Guaranteed Trump's Win

In Donald Trump's first speech as President-Elect he thanked a bunch of people who helped him win the election. He failed to thank the three people most responsible for his victory.

1. Hillary Clinton. Trump was the most disliked candidate ever nominated to be President, even more disliked than Clinton. However, enough voters decided it was better to vote for someone they did not like than to see "Crooked Hillary" become President. Clinton never connected with the voters she needed because she came across as phony and untrustworthy. She brought with her a record of negative or inconsequential accomplishments. Her decision to put the greed of the Clinton Foundation above the security of state secrets exposed by a private email server was the scandal that she dragged with her for the whole campaign.

2. Barack Obama. Obama was elected by a nation sick of war and shocked by an economic catastrophe. He had overwhelming power with a Democratic Senate and House. He had a chance to repeat Franklin Roosevelt's start to nearly 40 years of Democrat dominance. Instead, he lost the House, then and Senate, and now the Presidency. Instead of focusing on the economy to get the nation growing again, Obama decided to spend his political capital on health care reform. His program has proved to be a fiscal failure. So people who have been damaged by their poor earnings and high health insurance premiums either voted for Trump or stayed home.

3. Anthony Weiner. Some people would say FBI Director James Comey should be the third person to thank. The credit should go to Anthony Weiner. When his laptop was confiscated by the FBI, they found emails related to Hillary Clinton. Comey's decision to reopen the investigation turned the tide. He had no choice. Had he failed to mention it and it turned out that the emails were material, he would have been accused of covering up material information to protect Clinton. Without Weiner's texting troubles, Trump would have lost.

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